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Problem... You're in Tokyo, you're on a romantic date, it's the most romantic date you've had, since...
S-Sliced bread, but you don't know where to go and you don't know what to do.
Solution... You take a date to one of the five romantic hotspots, we're about to explore in Tokyo,
Right here, right now in high-definition video, uhh, but not-but not in 4k.
Still working on that one.
So we're on the Sky Deck of (Roppongi Hills) Mori Tower, which is a 238m building right in the middel of a city,
with amazing views of Tokyo Bay over there, Shinjuku over there.
Yoyogi Park, the Emperor's house, you can see it all from here amazing 360 degree views,
so in my opinion, this is the best view of Tokyo. Uhh, these days most people go to the Tokyo Skytree,
which you can see in the distance over there, 634 meter high,
but because it's on the outskirts of the city, you don't get a very good view of a downtown area.
Similarly, the Tokyo Tower which you can, feel like I can reach out and touch from here,
has a great view, but you can't see Tokyo Tower because you're in it, so it's a pretty big floor. This is it, this is the best one.
Better still Mori Towers cheaper than the Tokyo Skytree.
Costing just 2,300 yen to get up on the rooftop, compared to the Tokyo Skytree,
which cost 3,000, plus there is usually waiting times.
I guess it all comes down to, would you rather have the better view,
or would you rather feel like you're in an airplane, if it's the latter you want, go for the Sky Tree.
Bring your cameras, bring your friends, bring your family, bring them here and enjoy the best view there ever of Tokyo and ever was
and ever will be, unless they build a taller building with a Sky Deck, or you have a helicopter in which case, I hate you.
I'm gonna give Mori Tower the 'Best View in Tokyo Award', which is a rather uncreative name, but...
It's true, it is, it says what it is, it does what it does.
Look at that, look at that, that is Yoyogi Park in autumn, best time to visit Japan.
October to about November, because the autumn colors are phenomenal,
as you can see here, Tokyo doesn't have a whole lot of parks, given its size.
It is a bit of a concrete jungle, but this is a bit of an oasis, right in the heart of cities, absolutely stunning.
It's a really vibrant kind of place to be, there is a Shinjuku Park, which is quite nice.
The only thing is, you've got to pay to get into Shinjuku Park, so that means Yoyogi Parks better.
Although apparently from 2014 to 2016, uhh, if you're a foreigner going to Shinjuku Park, you might have gotten away with going in for free,
there was a member of staff there, he was too scared to charge foreigners money to go in, uhh, and they reckon he didn't charge 160,000 foreigners.
So, you might have got in for free, but not now.
Definitely not now, I think Yoyogi Park is probably the best people-watching spot in all of Tokyo as well,
You can see so much going on here, people dancing,
people throwing leaves in the air, people walking their dogs, sitting on benches, laying down having a nap.
There's so many different like microcosms of society all here in the park, that uhh, you just don't get bored walking through it.
And even if you're not doing something romantic, Yoyogi Park is a great place to sit down have a drink with friends.
Especially, if they're all imaginary.
Yoyogi Park in all beautiful, and I'm gonna give it the 'Most Romantic Place to Sit and Look at Trees Award',
which is again, another really, o fucking shit, I'm falling over.
If standing on the rooftop of a building for 2,300 yen, isn't quite romantic enough for you.
There's an almost as good viewing spot over in the Shinjuku skyscraper district, called the (Tokyo) Metropolitan Government Building.
With a free, yes free, observation deck and a restaurant, where you can sit and have coffee and cakes, with the world's biggest cities sprawling out before you.
Unfortunately the coffee and cakes aren't free, but then again, you can't have everything in life.
Well, unless you're Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos then then you can.
So, if you want THE best view of Tokyo there is, when you propose to your significant other.
Go to Mori Tower, but if you want the best view of Tokyo there is, when you propose to your significant other, and you're on a budget.
Go to the Metropolitan tower, it's my uhh, my first day in Tokyo ever, 5 years and 2 or 3 months ago, I actually came up here and sat here.
And uhh, had a chocolate cake and sat here looked across the Skyline and thought, yeah, I'm in Japan.
And then I was so jet-lagged, that I just fell asleep, and I was woken up 20 minutes later by someone prodding me and waking me up.
Good times
One thing you gotta watch out is uhh, because it's free, it's ridiculously busy here.
So uhh, that kind of kills the romantic element a little bit, that said.
Still an amazing view, not quite as good as Mori Tower, Mori Towers right in the center of Tokyo, so you've got an amazing 360 view of this.
We're kind of on the edge a little bit it. It might not have as good of view as Mori Tower,
But it does have an exciting gift shop filled with incredible toys, that will undoubtedly height in the romantic atmosphere.
So that was the Tokyo Metropolitan Tower, bloody good view, bit crowded, I'm going to give it the 'Most Romantically, Spectacular View, That's Free Award'.
Uhh, because it's free, the price is free, uhm, and yeah, it's-it's free.
So you might remember a little movie called, Lost in Translation right, that, remember that last scene where Bill Murray
whispers a thing, into Scarlett Johanssons ear, that was right here, in the street right there, in this chaotic, nightmarish street with lights and things and people.
I suppose it's romantic, there's lots of lights, it's kind of intense and exciting, if your dates into movies, they'll-they'll definitely love it
and even then, there's a-there's a Starbucks, McDonald's and a really good camera shop, within walking distance.
So uhh, you know after you've kissed, throw in a Big Mac, Frappuccino and a good camera, is job done, in it.
I'm gonna give this spot the 'Best Place To Do Things after You've Kissed in the Street Award', which is the, a really-a really good award.
So, this is the last stop of our day, it's Odaiba, which is a little island,
just off the coast of Tokyo Bay, with incredible spectacular views of the Tokyo skyline,
the Rainbow Bridge and of course the Statue of Liberty.
Uhh, which is a little bit out of place not gonna lie, apparently they built it in 1998 as a symbol of goodwill between France and Japan's relationship.
Although when I think of the Statue of Liberty, I tend to think of America, so.
I won't question it, Americans owned it, the French built it.
We won't go there, but uhh, regardless of that it is a pretty romantic spot. You've got the music playing in the background.
Couples walking down the waterfront, the sun setting, it's a really romantic spot, and there's a really nice place to just chill out in the evening.
When the area was built up during the 80s and 90s, Odaiba was envisioned as being a showcase for futuristic living
and today it's essentially the land of robots, home to ASIMO.
A terrifying 20 meters tall Gundam robot.
And Junko (Chihira), the unsettling Android assistant, who claims to have no boyfriend at the moment, but has a crush on Ken Watanabe.
How could he say no, to a smile like that.
If I had to choose Tokyo's greatest evening spot though, this would be it, there's no better place to be at dusk,
when the Rainbow Bridge lights up and illuminates Tokyo Bay alongside skyline.
I'm gonna give Odaiba the 'Most romantic Spot To Enjoy a Bridge Award',
which is, a really, really prized award, and uhh, yeah, it's-it's really good
Bridges equals romance, everyone loves a bridge. What is it about bridges, that make them so romantic?
I don't know, leave-leave a comment in the-in the comment section below, bridges.
Rainbow Bridge... Rainbow, rainbow, yeah.
If you've got a romantic spot in Tokyo that you recommend, let us know in the comments section below.
For now guys, many thanks for watching, and I'll see you next time.
Finally somebody who accepts me for who I am.