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Hello and welcome to a new coding adventure today
I'm going to be simulating a simple ecosystem an idea which was inspired by this really cool video from the channel primer
Started by generating a little map with water tiles that creatures which has something to drink and land tiles for them to move around on
I also added some trees. It's decorations and obstacles and then some little plants is a food source
Next I needed a creature. So I made a crude little bunny out of some cubes and placed him into the world
He seemed happy enough. Just hopping around but of course I wasn't going to let him have such an easy life
I gave him hunger and thirst so he'll need to find some water soon or else dying
Fortunately for him there's some nearby so he's hopping over to that and having a drink
There's also a plant over this he's going to head over to that and gobble it up
Now he's thirsty again
So back to the water this by the way is his sensory radius outside of which he's blind
So he currently he's just hopping around randomly trying to find some food, but now that he spotted that plant up there
He's gonna head directly over to it
The next thing I added was an urge to reproduce
Currently that urge is stronger than the bunny's hunger thirst. So he'll go searching for a mate
He's not likely to have much luck value on account of being the only rabbit in existence
So I'll add in a female bunny and let's see if they get together
They're both searching and it looks like they've spotted one another. You may want to avert your eyes for this
All right, it's safe to look again
The bunny is not pregnant - so in just a few moments we should be able to welcome some new little creatures to the world
These little fellas will take some time to grow up during which their speed and sense of sight will develop
So right now they're of course particularly vulnerable
in the simulation and female bunnies actually have a gene which controls how long they're pregnant for if
That duration is short
They can obviously have offspring more frequently, but the offspring will be more underdeveloped and have less of a chance of surviving to adulthood
There are a few more genes one for sensory distance and one for reproductive urge
Which I've described already, then there's one for speed along the rabbit to move faster at the cost of getting hungry and thirsty more quickly
Finally for males only there's desirability which here is expressed by having redder fur
So looking at the code for a second when a male rabbit spots a female who's also looking for a mate
He will send a signal to her and the more desirable he is the higher chance that she will accept his advances
If she rejects him
He'll add her to his mental list of unimpressed females and won't approach her again until he's forgotten about it a little while later
Now when two rabbits mate the offspring will inherit these genes from their parents in the code
You can see that each gene will be randomly selected to come from either the mother or the father on top of that
There's a small chance for each change in mutate which will increase or decrease its value by a little bit
All right. I'm going to start the simulation out with 300 rabbits and let's see what happens. So
The population first shoots up with the first wave of babies, but the majority of them aren't very good at surviving
So the numbers quickly decline
At this stage with just around a hundred rabbits in existence. They're at a high risk of extinction
Several times when I ran the simulation they got unlucky at this point and just died out
But this time they seemed to be hanging on tenaciously and with each new generation
Becoming more adept at surviving after about 20 minutes of simulation. The population was over 1,400 about
2600 rabbits died from hunger the way and over 4,000 from thirst
Let's have a look at what happened to the jeans of this time
The average gestation duration was quite steadily indicating that in this environment. It was better to have fewer but stronger offspring
The sensory distance rose rapidly as those too short-sighted to reliably find food and water were weeded out
The reproductive urge initially dropped but I guess as the senses of the rabbits improved it became less risky to spend more time
searching for a mate
Next this speed but apparently moving faster wasn't really worth the cost and
Finally desirability which fluctuated a bit for some reason before finally heading upwards. I
Then thought it would be interesting to introduce a predator
So I made something that hopefully looks at least a little bit like a fox and told it to move towards rabbits and eat them
These rabbits are basically just sitting ducks though
So I made the Fox after work a little harder for his meal by making them flee from him
So going back to where we were in the simulation I added in an initial population of 10 foxes and let it continue running
At first things seemed to be going okay
But the number of foxes grew rapidly since they're at the top of the food chain, and they hunted the rabbits to extinction
Then they realized they'd made a terrible mistake and stuff to death
With the introduction of the Foxes speed of course became much more valuable to a rabbit survival
the other traits though remained roughly the same I
tried running the simulation again this time with the foxes being there from the outset as
The foxes became more numerous the rabbits were nearly hunted to extinction, but they managed to make a huge comeback
Unfortunately this led to an explosion in the Fox population as well. The rabbits went extinct and the foxes followed shortly thereafter
What I found interesting about this run is that in the presence of the foxes the rabbits evolved to have an extremely high reproductive
Urge, I guess if they didn't find a mate quickly
they might be killed by a fox and not have the chance to pass their genes on the
Gestation duration stayed low this time a favour and quantity of offspring over quality. Here's how the other traits turned out in case you're interested
I'm rather sad that I couldn't get the rabbits and foxes to co-exist for very long
The only time the Foxes didn't hunt the rabbits to extinction
Was once when they weren't able to find the last remaining group of bunnies and starve to death
Those bunnies that lived happily ever after though. So I guess it's a happy ending in any case
I hope you've enjoyed this coding adventure. Make sure to have a look at the others in the series if you did
And until next time Cheers