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[soothing meditative music]
ANIKIA NELSON: Meditation practice is very personal and it is influenced heavily by our
experiences and our perspectives and beliefs.
[soothing, meditative music]
NELSON: People of color face a lot of issues and trauma that are different from what a
white person would face: seeing people who look like you being affected by police brutality
on such a regular basis, racial-based trauma, facing microaggressions at school or at work.
Those sorts of things would be missing from the guided meditation of someone who has never
experienced those things and doesn't even really have a context for understanding that.
[soothing, meditative music]
NELSON: Hi, everyone and welcome to the Peaceful, Loving, Vibrant Podcast.
My name is Anikia Nelson and I am your host.
The Peaceful, Loving, Vibrant Podcast is a space curated for people of color who are
starting or continuing a meditation practice.
We feature stories by people of color, talking about their meditation journeys,
NELSON: the ups and downs,
NELSON: myths that they want to dispel,
NELSON: and they guide us through a beginner-accessible guided meditation during each episode.
Eventually someone who, you know, picks up their phone and finds the podcast,
has meditations right at their fingertips
that they can really use to start or springboard or restart their meditation
practice with, in a safe and inclusive way.
[soothing, meditative music]
NELSON: My time at MIT prepared me for
embarking on this podcast journey I'd say in a lot of ways.
Having the perspective that technology is my friend, I can do anything that I set my
mind to, failure would teach me things and is not something to run away from,
those are all principles and concepts that I solidified while at MIT.
As yoga and meditation and wellness continues to be more mainstream, my hope is that we
would all do our inner work, acknowledge our privileges, and ask ourselves those hard
but important questions: Who is missing from the spaces that we are creating?
How can we create more inclusive and diverse spaces?
[soothing, meditative music]