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- False alarm, on the sprinkles.
I know it could be in the dehydrator.
I don't know why I'm not feeling it this episode.
I don't really wanna use it
because, you know why?
Because so far,
this is a very home baker friendly project.
It would be a nice future pace
to have one of these episodes
actually be doable at home.
[dramatic music plays]
Hey everyone, I'm Claire.
I'm in my kitchen in my apartment
and today I am remaking gourmet pop tarts.
[dramatic music plays]
The idea we have for gourmet remakes
which I'm doing at home is to take
the recipes I've already created
at gourmet mix and to adapt them
so that I and anyone can make them in a home kitchen
with minimal equipment.
And without the full capabilities of the test kitchen.
I have posted the recipe that I'm making today online
and the idea is that everyone at home can attempt
and it shouldn't be too much of a heavy lift.
At the end of this episode.
I'm going to take a look at everything
you guys sent in photos, videos of the recipes
you've created and I'm so excited to see what
everyone has made at home.
I need my siggi's. Hold on.
Okay my siggi's yogurt.
I want one every morning.
- [guy] I thought you were gonna like
smoke a cigarette or something.
- Some of you may have seen
the episode we did last year
where I made gourmet Pop Tarts and that episode,
it didn't involve so many steps at pieces of equipment
that it felt out of the realm of possibility
for someone to make it at home in their kitchen.
I think it was one of those episodes where
I achieved exactly what I wanted to
which was something that looked very similar
but tasted much much better.
Okay, let's take a look.
Trying to think of there's anything else on gourmet mix
that I've made that I wanted to eat more than this
and I don't, I can't really think of anything.
This is very much in the middle of my Venn diagram
of like things I like to make,
things I wanna eat.
Things I know how to make,
I wouldn't feel bad about eating this for breakfast.
- Look at that. - I know.
That's all I want.
- I cannot express like,
how much, you nailed this.
I think this is the best thing you've ever done.
- I think so too.
One, I miss all my friends in the test kitchen.
I miss Shay and Mel and Rhoda and how positive they are.
And two, I'm like,
should I grow my hair back out.
That was maybe fun having long hair,
or maybe I miss them.
What I liked about the homemade version was
it was not too sweet.
It had really clean, delicious flavors,
good balance of acid from the strawberries plus sweet.
I loved that the pastry stayed very pale
and did not take on too much color.
I'm really just trying to nail that flavor
that I did the first time.
Already tasted this, I already measured it.
Already did all these things.
Just roll back to that footage.
Right at the end there,
there's like a little bit of strawberry flavor but mostly,
it's shockingly flavorless I have to say.
The strawberry filling doesn't taste like strawberries
and the pastry.
The whole point of pastry's that it's buttery and delicious.
And this has none of that.
Pastry should be buttery.
The filling should taste like strawberry.
I concur with myself in that original episode.
Now it is time for my new favorite part,
of gourmet remix,
reading the ingredients from my original pop tart recipe.
Fresh strawberries, frozen strawberries,
flour, butter, sugar, eggs, lemon juice,
lemon zest, corn starch, vanilla bean, salt, food coloring.
That sounds about right.
That's a good list.
For the most part.
These are all very common pantry ingredients.
We don't have to do too much modifying to make this
a very approachable home cook recipe.
I love a baking project,
I think especially at a time like this.
I think that this process,
very unlike regular gourmet mix
is gonna be stress relieving.
I'm very excited to make these
it's just a fun project and they're gonna look so cute.
[drum rolls]
I'm going to start by making the dough
because that needs to chill.
I remember from the original episode,
the first version of dough I made
came out too flaky.
- That jam.
- Yeah, holds it, holds up well.
- You did too good a job with the pastry though.
- I know.
- You need to do [beep].
- We'll try again tomorrow with some crucial adjustments.
- Okay.
- I'm gonna work on the dough first
and I'm going to do everything in the food processor
which will help me work the butter and much finer
so I get a more even texture.
The problem is, I broke the bowl of my food processor
recently and I just ordered a new one yesterday.
So I'm gonna have do this part by hand,
but that's very real because not everyone
has a food processor at home.
One advantage of that is,
I can just make the full quantity all together
in a big bowl.
I have the dough recipe here,
and I'm going to put it all together in a bowl.
We'll leave them right there.
Two and a half cups,
all purpose flour,
four teaspoons sugar, one teaspoon kosher salt.
I'm gonna prepare my ice water,
I use to bring the dough together
and now I need my butter.
I think I'm going to use my box grater
to work the butter into fine uniform pieces.
If you don't have a box grater I would cut the butter
into half inch pieces.
And now I'm really just going in with my fingers
and trying to break the butter down further.
So that's what we're going for.
I'm gonna use a third of a cup of water
because that's about the equivalent
of what I used in the original.
It's already starting to clump together.
So this dough looks great.
It came together very easily.
It's not sticky.
Unlike pie dough,
there aren't big streaks of butter
like suspended throughout the dough.
It's just more uniform.
Okay, so I'm going to wrap this up.
Put it in the fridge because this needs to chill.
How am I gonna put it?
Oh, my kimchi is leaking.
While we're waiting for the dough to chill,
I'm going to take a look
back at the original episode at the section
where I make the filling to remind myself,
what did I even do?
I should wear those earrings again.
Jam is very simple, it's just sugar, fruit.
I'll add a little bit of lemon juice for acidity.
My goal it's really just to cook on the strawberries
to the point where they can pinup naturally on its own.
And I'm just going to stir it in the ice
to cool down quickly.
If I were going to attempt this at home
I would just use like a good strawberry jam.
Oops, why aren't I using good quality strawberry jam
if I were making straw, okay.
The point I made in the original episode still stands
which is, you could definitely just use a
nice quality strawberry jam instead of
having to make the filling.
There's no problem with that at all.
But I will make a strawberry filling on the stove.
But instead of using half frozen, half fresh strawberries.
I'm using all frozen cause it just feels like
a more accessible anytime of year shortcut.
I do almost feel bad about cooking these,
like these are so special.
I'm wondering if I should supplement with like frozen even.
- Are you just trying to save the strawberry
so you can eat them.
- Yeah.
I'm just trying to save the strawberry
so we can have them after lunch.
Yeah, good call.
I want Harry's berries.
Also, I really do miss my long hair
it looked really fallen shiny then.
Alright, I'm gonna make the filling.
Ooh, it's a knife, careful.
Where do I even put the berries?
Oh no, not up there.
I see raspberries and mango,
blackberries and blueberries
and every goddamn frozen fruit.
Hold on, I need a break,
before I can go back in.
You guys I have one choco taco left.
- [guy] What's going on right now?
- I can't find them.
Hold on.
Found them.
How long did that take?
Let's get started.
Am cooking this from frozen, I'll add a little water
to get everything going.
Cook them until most of the water
has been evaporated and the added sugar
will help the mixture set when it's cold.
If you don't have a hand blender
you could just basically use a potato masher
or even the back of a spoon.
Basically I don't feel like I need to get this
perfectly smooth and I'm certainly not gonna strain it.
Simmer cook stirring and skimming foam.
I'm not really skimming foam guys
I did that on the original episode.
I'm not really skimming foam, cause who cares?
[drum rolls]
This has been cooking down
and sorry about the steams.
It's thick enough where when I drag the spoon,
I see a little strip of the bottom of the pod
because I wanna avoid scorching
I'm going to get it on to
this prepared cheese tray with my seal pad.
This really does look so much like tomato sauce right now.
So into the oven, it's at 250 and
every 10 minutes I'll stir with a spatula.
[drum rolls]
This thickened to a very solid paste.
So I'm tasting it.
I really like the sweetness
I think it has good tartness also
so maybe I don't really wanna add lemon juice.
I think I'm just gonna do the zest
to brighten it up.
I think maybe I'll add a little bit of vanilla extract also
loosen it up a tiny bit.
And then I'll set this aside
and now what I wanna do is make the sprinkles
before I start to assemble anything
because the sprinkles need some time to really dry.
In the original Pop Tarts episode in the test kitchen,
I made those tiny little flecks of sprinkles
that are in the top of the icing on the Pop Tarts
by hand and I really liked that process
and seem to go over really well.
- Should not overlook the sprinkles which-
- Definitely not.
- Are weirdly really good,
like they're very crunchy.
- And they're brighter.
- It was so much fun.
- Open your own boujee pop tart kiosk.
- Perfect.
I'm gonna do these sprinkles again
in like my own way.
A little bit of air in it.
Really? So no, I've not
made sprinkles since this episode.
But here we are.
In the test kitchen I used
these very concentrated potent gel food coloring.
I have Whole Foods plant based food coloring
which is quite a bit less bright,
but in fact that kind of works out
for the kind of pastel shades of the sprinkles on pop tarts.
I have confectional sugar right here.
Then I grab my egg white.
It's basically a mixture of egg white
and powdered sugar. Often there's a
little bit of lemon added.
Okay, so this is getting there.
It's become really glossy and smooth,
almost thick enough to hold
pick more than just ribbons.
Now, I'm gonna divide it up
and add my food coloring.
Oh my God, this one is like raspberry.
How's this red you guys?
Look at that.
It's not weird.
It's like some weird lavender.
I don't know what to do.
It doesn't look that good.
You know, I'm kind of lying to you guys.
I do have McCormick food coloring.
All right. Sometimes you need a little
Red Lake, whatever, you know.
There we go.
I don't know what this color is.
I'm just trying to get it in a really thin even layer.
So here is that first making in call Mark Rothko painting.
Move on to the next.
I have yellow, orange, and red red
and green to do.
[drum rolls]
I think the colors look great.
Definitely closer I think to,
the actual colors out of the pop tart sprinkles.
On the original episode,
I waited until later in the process to make the sprinkles
and then I spread it a bit thickly
and they took a very long time to dry.
Just to avoid incorporating another step
or piece of equipment.
I'll just let them sit out at room temp
but in front of a fan.
Not like the industrial fan from the test kitchen either.
[drum rolls]
Here's my dough.
It has been chilling for several hours,
I would say maybe three.
You can see it went in very soft
and it's quite solid right now.
I'm a little impatient
so I'm not fully fully waiting for this to temper.
I'm rolling out this slab pretty thinly.
I'm going to roll this on to my
wind baking sheet and get it in the fridge
while I roll out the second slab.
Where am I gonna put it?
That's the question.
So here is my second slab of dough.
I just wanna make sure
that it's pretty equal in size,
this will be in the fridge until
I had a chance to figure out
best method for forming them.
That doesn't involve a seal pad stencils,
because that just feels a little excessive.
And so now I'm going to swap out for the bottom layer.
And I'm going to start applying that filling
using a little template that I made.
And the idea is to, like fill this window.
Looks pretty good.
It was very effective to have that stencil
for very neatly applying the filling,
but instead of cutting out individual rectangles,
I think I'm going to form them all in a slab
very similar to how I made ravioli.
Apply the filling to the slab of dough
before I cut out the rectangles,
maybe I'll just make the lines of the rectangles,
and it's just a more efficient way to form them.
So I actually think the first step would be
probably just drawing lines onto the slab of pastry
so that I know roughly where my rectangles will be,
and then applying the filling inside of those rectangles,
if that makes sense.
Does that makes sense?
- Yeah, it sounds like a really bold strategy.
- It's bold.
I'm being bold.
Okay, so I'm going to call it four and a half
by three and a quarter.
Throwing this out,
don't tell anyone.
One thing I have to do, is doc one slab of pastry,
meaning prick it all over and make holes in it,
just gonna use a fork,
and I'm just going to be docking it all over.
Okay, put it back in the fridge.
I'm actually just using the ruler as a straight edge.
And I'm just drawing guides,
trying to make them really square.
Here you can see, the grid.
This thing started out about 14 by 10.
And I trimmed it to probably like 13 by nine.
[drum rolls]
Okay, this is feeling good.
It's not like ultra cold, but it's certainly workable.
I'm going to spread the filling by hand
with my offset spatula,
but I do want it to be even and pretty accurate.
So I'm going to make smaller rectangles inside
of each of the rectangles that I've drawn on my pastry,
so I know where to spread the filling.
I think that this technique is
a good middle ground between something really precise,
but also not like intolerably annoying.
And see my two sets of guides.
The main thing here is not to get the filling
along those borders between the rectangles
because that will interfere with the egg wash
that I'm going to brush onto the dough
to help the layers seal together.
What I like about this method is
I can see the rectangles of filling
and I'm going to press down in between
all of those rectangles of filling
to seal the pastry together.
You could see where I've made those impressions
and sealed the layers of pastry together
in between all of those rectangles of filling.
And now into the fridge
because this really should get thoroughly cold
before I cut out the pop tarts.
Take 14.
I should have just listened back.
Oh my God, Chris.
- Sorry.
I don't need to be here.
I can go away for a little while.
- Wait, no.
Are you kidding?
- I have the kids making a racket behind me.
I need to go in the other room.
Everything sucks.
- Oh my God.
- There's just like,
there's just not a lot magic happening today.
I hope you're having a better day than I am.
- I think I'm like weirdly more efficient at home
than I am in the test kitchen.
- Oh, really?
- Yeah.
Because there's like fewer distractions.
I think there's just like the cats and stuff.
I'll show you what I've made so far.
- Oh, cool.
- So this is.
- Ooh, that looks glorious.
Your jam packages look so sharp.
- Right? Just as good.
Okay, so my next step is to,
I'm gonna use the bench scraper,
cut them out and then put them.
My seal pad, my other baking sheet over there.
And then we bake.
So I have the sprinkles drying in the bedroom
by my fan.
- In your bedroom with the fan?
- With my fan.
Yeah, cause this is easier
than sorting your own sprinkles.
So this is.
- Oh my God.
- So that's the fan.
- So it's one big panel.
It's like one model of thick block.
- I chaff them up
and then like sift them. - What?
- Yeah cause the sprinkles are not,
they're not like rods.
They're like little specks.
- Oh my God.
- Yeah.
- Claire this is still so epic.
- Oh, thanks, Chris.
- It's so cool to see you under control
in these times.
- Thanks, Chris.
I mean, I'm looking forward to feeling crazy again
when we're back on the test kitchen
but yeah, good to catch up.
- I'll check in on you tomorrow.
- Okay, yeah, you too, see tomorrow.
I really miss Chris.
I stuck the pastry back in the fridge briefly.
And now I'm actually gonna cut out
and pinch the pastry together and seal it even further.
Oh, Felix no, no cake kitty no.
No, off the counter.
Ah, get off.
Terrible timing.
See, he just looks at the thing.
I'm transferring them to this baking sheet
so I can space them out.
Before I bake them.
There's all nine of them on one sheet
straight into the oven.
[drum rolls]
They're smelling pretty buttery toasty.
So I think that means they're done.
Let me pull them.
Oh my God, you guys.
They look so good.
The pastry, I'm very happy to see
it puffed very nicely.
But it didn't get crazy flakage and separation
and it stayed really nice and pale.
Oh, hot.
Beautiful, like super super like golden color
around the edges but really overall pale uniform.
I think for like a result at home.
This is a very, very nice finished neat result.
So tomorrow morning we're going to come back
do the icing put on the sprinkles,
let them set and taste.
And then we'll be done.
- What is that noise?
- It seven pm and it's nice.
It makes me feel good to hear that noise.
Sounds, noise whatever.
[drum rolls]
Here we are in day two gourmet makes at home.
I just want to point out you guys,
that's Maya, that's not Felix
and I do feel like she was fat shamed.
After the last video.
She's robust and plump.
And we love her.
Yesterday was so fun
and the Pop Tarts turned out so well at home.
I feel like I made them more efficiently
than I did in the test kitchen
which makes me wonder like,
what am I even doing in the test kitchen
when I'm shooting gourmet makes.
I have these really dry pieces of icing
to make into sprinkles.
The edges curled up a little bit
and basically peeled themselves off of the parchment.
I didn't even have to be careful about that
they detached very easily.
I don't if you could hear that little snap
I'll put it near the mic.
They're really really crisp and brittle.
What I did in the test kitchen was
I individually chopped each color
and then mix them together.
I don't see any reason to actually have to do that.
I'm breaking the pieces into smaller bits
and I wanna just get more or less equal amounts
of each color, rather than chopping them
it would be more efficient to use the rolling pin
to bust them up into tiny pieces.
These look great.
I do wanna sift it to get rid of
some of those dusty bits.
I actually think that this was too fine.
Let me get a finer one.
How many strainers do I have in my kitchen?
A lot. This one might be too fine.
Oh but I have the sheen one.
I have this tea steeper.
Maybe this. Oh even tammy.
Oh yeah, perfect.
A lot of strainers.
I made homemade sprinkles for the Pop Tarts
because I like it and I think it's fun.
But go ahead and use any sprinkles
you already have but just chop them up
or leave them as is, it really doesn't matter.
So here are my sprinkles.
This is probably a tablespoon
and I think that's probably enough.
Here are the Pop Tarts I bake yesterday,
I let them cool completely, I put them on this wire rack.
So now the last thing that I want to do
is apply the white icing to the surface of the pop tarts.
But first I'm gonna look back
at what I did in the original episode.
Roll the footage.
Yeah, so I'm just going to make a rectangular border
that's called edging with the oil icing.
It's like a barrier that's going to keep the icing
from spilling out and then I'll go back
and fill it in and that's called flooding.
[drum rolls]
All right. The first one looks phenomenal.
I've obviously never been so proud
of anything in my life.
I do take a photo.
I think that what I could do
is make a slightly larger area
of the pop tart frosting.
And I think I could also thin out
some of that icing, with
that I'm going to use to flood.
That would just make a smoother surface.
I think that I added additional cornstarch
to the mixture in the original episode
because I somehow thought that the
additional cornstarch would prevent the icing from
like burning or melting somehow in the toaster oven.
I'm not sure if that's truly necessary.
Why don't I just skip it because
who needs another ingredient, right?
Also, I don't need to use the vanilla bean
I'll just use extract.
[drum rolls]
Maybe have a little squeeze of lemon
to cut through the sweetness.
That can't be a bad idea.
I remember adding cornstarch to this oil icing.
Confectioner sugar already has a little bit
of corn starch in it.
And we're not you know, I'm not applying
the same set of criteria to the at home version.
- You did cornstarch in all them?
- I did cornstarch in all of them.
- Pink frosting now flows onto a revolving belt,
they've added a bit of starch to the icing,
and it's the starch that allows the icing to harden
and set so it won't melt and drip into the toaster.
- So that was probably the most crucial part of this video.
The revelation that it's added starch,
in the icing that means that when it sets
it doesn't really melt or burn in the toaster.
So that's interesting to think about.
Yeah, I like how I was like,
"oh, that part's not important."
And then in the video, I'm like,
"here's the most important part that I've learned."
[drum rolls]
Trying not to loosen, and I really don't need a lot
in here because I'm making such a fine line.
Now, I'm just applying even pressure to the bag,
you can touch it to just to anchor the line of icing
and then start to move.
Once I have these clean borders and they set,
I can fill the centers with icing
and then like anchor to the edge,
it's helpful to have like a toothpick
or a paring knife to help you drag
and work the icing sprinkle.
Just take a little coating of these guys.
And there it is.
My first one done, looks great.
I think looks just as good as the ones
from the test kitchen.
So now I'm gonna just repeat that whole process
with the remaining pop tarts.
Maybe I should just use my finger for this
because it's way faster.
I'm happier with the consistency of this icing
I was able to spread it quickly
and it settles into a beautiful glossy finish.
And I also like how the sprinkles settled
just the right amount into the frosting.
They look wonderful.
All right, we've come pretty much
to the end of the road on this project.
All frosted. They've been sprinkled.
I think they look great and
I think they also look a lot more beautiful
now that they've all been iced.
I can see that, in some places
they actually need a little
more time to fully dry.
I would leave these out for several hours.
However the first one that I frosted with that
slightly thicker oil icing,
that one looks really set.
Here it is, you guys.
I'm sweating. It's really hot in here.
The colors of the sprinkles,
I think are even closer than
they were the last time.
See that there's nice pastel bits.
My pastry looks like real pastry,
their pastry like looks a little bit like cardboard.
I knew that was gonna happen so that means,
it's gonna taste way better.
I'm very excited to bite into it and try it.
Oh my God, Rhoda.
- Hi.
- Hi Rhoda.
- Look at your sprinkles.
- Yeah, the sprinkles were fun.
I did. I think I did the color a
little bit better this time.
- Well, I wish I could try one.
- I know. I wish you could try one too.
What am I gonna do with these?
- You can drop them at my house for my kids.
- I wish you were nearer.
Sorry, Rhoda I'm baking bread my oven's on 500.
I am dripping sweat.
I'm gonna try it, I haven't tasted them yet.
- They look amazing.
- Can I taste them?
They're really good.
I think the pastry could be baked a little longer
toasting could help with that.
I think there's also just a little bit of the pastry set,
but I bake them really at a low temp at 300.
So they wouldn't take on a lot of color.
So they could really go a little bit longer.
But like overall, so good.
- Yay.
- Rho do you think you make these with the kids?
- Maybe roll pass my Dan and Fray right now.
- I understand.
- I'm glad you got to make them again.
- Yeah, me too.
It's a good opportunity to be able to go back
and like learn from the trials
of the first episode, you know.
Turns out I like this show.
Thanks for checking in on my progress.
- Nice seeing you.
- All right Rhoda. Talk to you soon.
- Bye.
You guys I just whacked one of them with my fan,
look what just happened.
- Oh no.
- Oh no, the whole icing just fell on my couch.
Should I take a bite out of it and then
it's like a cute, one of the bite missing.
Let's do that.
All right, I'm gonna pop one in the toaster.
Let's just try it and see.
And it's not, it will not determine success or failure.
Mode, toast, start.
[drum rolls]
[toaster beeps]
Your timing is perfect.
I just toasted one.
- I've literally got the most delightful coffee
if I had a pop tart right now
I would die of joy.
- Try pretend to feed one in the camera.
Okay, I'm taking it out of the toaster.
Something happened.
It got a little, its hot.
It got a little toasted on the surface.
Can you see it?
- Yeah. Oh, for sure.
- You know what happened is that I basically
made toasted meringue, like it puffed like merengue
like it you know, it puffed up.
- There's like a depth to it.
That's so fascinating.
- The color on top is interesting,
but it's also like gives it
a toasted marshmallow kind of thing.
So like that it's gonna taste really good.
- Oh Claire, that looks so good.
- Yeah, turned out really nice.
I mean, toasted marshmallow not withstanding.
- Claire it seems like things are
alarmingly under control there.
I feel like you're definitely ready for
like a kid maybe a kitten.
Just something a little bit chaotic cause
like it's going a little too smoothly.
- I'm still creating my own chaos.
Don't worry. That was fun.
I love checking in with Chris and Rhoda
to gourmet makes standbys,
and people that give me a lot of validation,
which is not the only reason why I like them,
but it is one of the reasons.
What makes this a great project for making at home
is that, there are so many different routes
you could take to an end result
depending on how much time and effort you wanna spend.
And that I think, is sort of the ultimate test
of a good recipe.
So obviously, we're giving you some time
to make these at home.
So, IRL it'll be about a week.
But in this video, it'll be in like a few seconds,
I'm gonna come back and
take a look at everything you guys have sent in.
[drum rolls]
When we started gourmet remakes,
and we put the call out for people to make the recipe.
I think we were expecting a response of
maybe in the dozens,
and there were almost 900.
It's just so fun to take a look.
See how creative everyone got.
Let's take a breath, did you guys
hear that sneeze from the basement?
That was my dad's.
Obviously, the response was overwhelming.
But I just want everyone to be assured that
our producers went through every single video
and watched them all and we're so grateful
for the response and we hope that you had fun making it.
From that huge bank of 900 videos
our producers went through and selected
some really funny, creative takes.
I haven't really gotten a chance to look at any of them.
I'm very excited to take a look at
many of the Pop Tarts you guys made at home.
All right.
- Take 47.
- My name is Lorensia.
That's my guy filming this video.
This is how you made Claire's soffit gourmet pop tarts.
- Oh my God.
- So last night, I made the sprinkles,
I let them dry in the oven overnight
and I chop them.
For the dough, I tried to grate the butter
but in Spain is too hot right now.
So I went on and cubed it.
For the filling, my neighbor brought me
some strawberries from the market.
I blend them and I cook them
thoroughly on the stove.
And it's taste well.
- First of all the production quality
of this video is incredible.
Her accent is delightful.
The Pop Tarts look amazing.
They look better than mine.
They look more like the ones I did in the test kitchen.
It's so good.
- So they don't sell Pop Tarts in Spain
so I have nothing to compare them to.
But I have them once before and
honestly I don't remember them being this good.
- I also like how she basically just really
recreated the original gourmet makes version
not even the home version.
She like poked all the holes,
and had the little dowel and formed them individually.
Just incredible work. Looks so good.
- I changed it up a little bit
went with wild berry which was
my favorite when I was a kid.
I used equal parts strawberries,
blueberries and raspberries for the filling
and changed the frosting up a bit.
Used purple and lime green.
Pretty proud of myself on these actually.
- Excellent proportions truly,
perfect amount of filling and
perfect thickness of pastry.
I love the creative license with the color
of the icing and the flavors.
That's exactly the ideas,
people could customize it for
whatever they wanna make.
It's like a weird phenomenon of
having everything happened on zoom.
I feel like I should be able to talk to these people
and they should be able to hear me
because they're just like on my screen.
- Hi, am Jenna.
I'm in home kitchen and today I am making
gourmet pop tarts.
Hi Claire. I just saw you on TV.
I don't know if you're real but
I'm gonna send a picture of a
pop tart when I'm done.
I love you with my whole heart.
Bye bye.
- Oh my God. I'm real.
First of all, her Pop Tarts look amazing.
Second of all, Could she be any cuter?
Is the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life.
- Bon apettit.
- Honestly, they turned out really well.
My biggest problem was that
I suck at measuring so they
are like many different sizes.
But they're really cute
even though I used pre-made sprinkles
instead of making my own.
I'm a disappointment. I'm sorry, Claire.
- First of all, never apologize.
Her pastry looks flaky and delicious.
It looks fully cooked,
no shame in store about sprinkles.
It looks so good. Never apologize. You did great.
- So it was a bit of a rocky start
because I had to convert all of the measurements
and then I realized, I didn't have enough butter
and it was a holiday, so all the shops were closed.
But the gas station was open.
And then I almost burned my filling
because I forgot to convert the temperature of the oven.
It was fine. I saved it.
So the most stressful part for me
was the assembling because I really wanted them
to look nice and neat,
but I was also afraid to overwork the pastry
and for the butter to melt.
But I think I like quite pretty,
and I'm very proud of them.
They're very spectacular.
- First of all, I really like her kitchen tile.
It's really cute.
This person did so much extra legwork.
I love that time lapse of the pastry baking,
which is like incredible.
Why don't we do this you guys,
we are getting some real good ideas
of things we can do.
I love the filling.
The irony is that I've never had a real pop tart.
Bon appetit.
I'm so impressed at the level of care
that people took to make these.
- I didn't have the food coloring and
I didn't wanna go out just to get them
so I used what I had in the kitchen,
which was a lot of tumeric chili powder
and fresh green juice from spinach and kale.
- Oh my God.
- They turned out great.
Here's the inside.
I'm really happy with the overall result.
- I love the colors that she got.
There's so like, pastel and kind of and pretty.
- Hi for there.
My name is Romell and I made gourmet pop tarts.
[drum rolls]
The hardest part of the process
had to be the filling for the pop tart.
I live on an island where we don't have
easy access to certain fruits with
strawberry being one of them.
And I took frozen mangoes and fresh mangoes
and I made a filling.
- oh my God, mango Pop Tarts sounds so good.
You know I didn't really give much thought
to where people outside of the United States
would be able to source ingredients
and frozen strawberries are obviously very common here
but not common in many other places.
So I love that kind of resourcefulness of using
whatever is available, wherever people are.
And also like mango sounds delicious.
They look really good.
- Okay, so we've made the Pop Tarts
and they look pretty good.
And so we're going to see how one
survives in the toaster.
- Oh God. I'm so nervous. Oh God.
- See what happened.
Oh some of the sprinkles got a little bit out.
That's hot. I think the tarts right,
it actually got really kind of hard.
Or soft.
- A plus, flying colors.
- Hi, my name is Emilio.
I'm in my home kitchen in Copenhagen, Denmark,
and today I've made gourmet Pop Tarts.
Overall I'm really pleased with the result.
I think they have super nice regulators
and they taste very, very delicious.
Also I really enjoy making the sprinkles on the top.
- Are those mine? They look identical.
They look so good.
This makes me feel really good but also really bad
cause it's just like,
aren't I supposed to be the professional
and I see a boy doing better than I am.
- This was my first time working with
pastry dough and that was definitely
my biggest challenge, it requires a lot of patience.
And chilling time in the refrigerator
in order to be able to work with it.
Ultimately, I am very excited
and proud of my final product.
It is flaky, buttery, sweet and
tart all at the same time.
- I'm very impressed that for her first time
working with pastry, this is the result
cause you can see it right in that video.
In that shot, the beautiful, flaky texture,
really excellent job rolling it out
and getting and shaping them
which is not easy, seriously.
- Claire, some of mine got really puffy.
What did I do wrong?
- It's not that you did anything wrong.
It's actually that you did
too many things right.
Because it just means that your pastry
was like very well made.
I had to dial down the flakiness for Pop Tarts
because I didn't want something so puffed.
But if you got a puff result it just means
that you're like too good at making pastry.
That's not a bad result at all.
- For anyone making these at home too.
This is a two day recipe.
Do not think you can do this
in one day, you will cry.
That sounded really intense.
- I've been there before.
- What do you think bud.
I think he likes them.
- I love the dog, getting the dog involved.
- Hi, my name is Caroline Humbark.
I'm 13 years old and today I
made gourmet pop tarts.
A couple of slacks that I had.
Were that I spread out my sprinkles too thick
so they didn't dry well,
so I just decided to use non pearls
that we had in the house.
Also, I ran out the dough,
so I decided to make little mini Pop Tarts
by just folding over one side.
And then I took a little bit of filling out
but those turned out really well.
- I should say at 13 I would have nowhere
near the capabilities to have one
like pivoted to all of those workarounds and solves.
If I were Caroline and her result looks great
and she could not be more charming or adorable, basically.
My cheeks are a little sour from smiling,
it is seriously one of the most
heartwarming experiences I've ever had.
To be able to see all of these viewers
from all over, all different ages
make the recipe and have such great results.
It really is so heartwarming and so fun,
and I only wanna gourmet remakes now.
I know that probably not everyone got such uniform,
or like aesthetically pleasing results.
But the great thing about baking is
nine times out of 10.
Mom. My mom's doing her online zoom meeting
in the other room with the door open.
They're waiting for Debbie.
For everyone that had a great time making pop tarts.
I have great news. We have more episodes coming out.
So I hope everyone is ready for
some more kitchen projects.
Even if you didn't see your video.
I hope you will atleast enjoyed making and eating them.
I loved seeing them all.
So thanks a lot and more to come.
- Bon appetit. Bon appetit, Chris Morocco.
Bon appetit, Gabby Cooper. Bon appetit Claire.
Bon appetit Malika.
Bon appetit
Bye, bye.