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[intro music swells]
is hello.
Can you check the audio levels on display,
Squarespace? Thank you for sponsoring this content.
OK, we come to the time when I do
an unboxing video again, and quite a bit of post has built up.
Some of this is stuff I bought from eBay
and places and some of it is stuff you sent me.
So let's just work through it.
Octav1us is here to help me. Hi, Octav1us.
I guess I should start with what these parcels here.
The problem here is I think what I've bought
and what's been sent.
yeah, unless you put a note in then, I dunno. This is a copy of Sega Zone.
I'm pretty sure I bought this because I
need the contents for some future video...look at that!
gadget twins look George Foreman's boxing God, I love that game.
This is Captain Power and Corporal.... who are you??
-I'm the item ninja.
This is Captain Power and Corporal Pilot Chase, part of the Captain Power range of toys.
It's got a note.
It says, Praise L G R... on the note
OK. So it says...
Peter, so you thought this would be easy to get into.
Ha ha ha.
Hopefully the three parcels will get you in good condition.
I thought you might have more use out of these than I ever would.
I had more than I thought.
As it happens, one parcel turned into two, which turned into three.
Useful for you. Much love and
I've got to read the entire letter. -You don't have to read the entir...
Yes, I do.
People have written someone wrote this letter... LOOK.
It's like wrapped in ... Like a massive plaster tariff.
Gareth! This is horrible
don't pack stuff like this.
-Someone sends you some items, you're like. Don't pack stuff like this! Oh my God.
Look at this. Massive controller!!
Look at that!
Look at such a fluid movement.
Look at all these buttons!
What is this??
It's got a record button you can... Get off it!
-I wanna fiddle it! It's a strategic. It's a Sidewinder!
Sidewinder strategic commander.
Get your mits on that.
-Woaah, I got so much control.
SO so much.
There's a hard drive as well. Thanks very much, Gareth.
Look at this. Fragile and then
straight into the box.
This is something I've ordered.
Are you having a laugh?
Right, I've ordered an NGage...
They put a fragile sticky tape on the Ngage box.
Look, Loo..WHAT...Look at it!
-I mean, this is[n't] great content right here. Just, you
-know, look, do you want me to.... No, I've got it.
Nokia Ngage; the future of mobile gaming
-Woah! That looks nice!
Usborne books!
Something else I ordered... nice!
This is it's an envelope that says, please do not bend and it's been bent.
Hello, Peter.
I thought I'd send you some stickers for your door of fame.
I'm a hardcore gamer and I review video games and produce gaming content.
Huge fan of your work. Cheers, Sam.
Sam_Palmer_37, on Twitter.
Noice, some stickers for the door.
I'm a bit concerned about this packaging because it says dangerous goods.
-Do you want me to deal with it I mean, I'm the "item ninja"
-I can probably protect you if there is an attack.
Possibly it doesn't help.
I've recently watched a documentary on the Unabomber.
Can you can you can you stop.
-Oh ok.
Just like...
This is a company that was doing a Kickstarter
and this is the Super Tank Pro.
It's an external battery with USB C,
it's got twenty six thousand eight hundred m/amp hours.
I'll put links below for all these things
where I can. So you can check them out because this looks
powerful. What are you doing down there?
-I'm squashing a box!
I can't reach.
I can't get to these boxes.
Oh, this is something else I ordered.
This is a Tiger Data Blaster.
-You got an NBA version?!?
NBA version of the Data Blaster.
-Oh for god's sake
What?!... This is for an upcoming video on
databanks. This is from Japan.
It's it's a bar code 11,
which I ordered from Buyee.JP, so I can make a video about the Barcode Battler.
Awwwww, look at that!
LCD Game
Epoch. Look at the cards. Look at this guy.
-That is quite good.
I dunno, what is he? A cow?
-Come on then, move it along.
What?! Half of this stuff is stuff I've ordered.
Look, Commanche Maximum Overkill
and look at this box!
It's amazing.
I love gotta love, old DOS game boxes.
-That is lovely.
-It looks like it's a chocolate box though. Looks like a posh chocolate box
Would you
like some sort of, like, Milk Tray?
gold edition, something with an attack helicopter on the front? Yeah,
-I'll be honest, I'd be up for that.
Yeah, I'd be up for that!
Oh, look, here's another one of my things I've ordered.
Screamer! for MSDOS, one of the best racing games ever made.
-Come on faster, faster, pick it up man.
This is a camera lens.
Camera lens, camera lens.
It's just a display of boxes...
It's like I'm in a warehouse just
unpacking stuff (indistinct muttering in background)
-you've got a pile over there. Like it's utterly enormous over there.
-And then I've got even more under here that
Look -that iI didn't even realise that were there
don't make your problems mine alright?
This is from Vokabre, one of my long term patrons
where you
-I'm getting a knife!
look at this.
-I know I've seen them because they sent me those aswell.
These are the mini...
-Yeah. You need to give them to me so I could
-take photos of them with rats.
Japanese mega drive capsules.
Look how. Look how, tiny.
Look how small this mega drive this! Look at that, it's a Mega Drive II!
Look how small... I hope that's on camera.
Look how small that is.
That is a tiny mega drive, II, with tiny control pads
and a tiny cartridge which
fits into the console.
That's amazing. Thank you.
Vokabre... some Kit Kats
and a note.
Thank you for the videos and general existence.
A small late winter holiday gift.
This was set on January 10th 2020.
Oh, that's a big box.
Oh, this is this is another purchase of mine.
This is an Atari Lynx.
I look at all the Lynx games... Hard Drivin', California Games
so this is for a video coming up very soon about The Atari Lynx, funnily enough.
All right. This is a bundle of Gameboy stuff.
This is a Gameboy action pack,
which I got cheap off eBay and the Gameboy games to go with it.
It's like it's like a brick of Semtex or something.
-Why has it got weird numbers on it?
I don't know.
-I'm scared... is it going to be some terrifying thing?
Well, I don't know what it's going to be!
It's a Pocket Go. -Oh, all right.
actually looks quite nice.
Woah, look at that.
I mean, it needs charging, but
looks pretty good, It's got a thumb stick.
We have to try this out in a separate video as it does not power on.
Thank you pocket go, people.
So here we have another amazing DOS driving game, Fatal Racing,
which is like some sort of
Ridge Racer on steroids,
-oh sh"t, FATAL?
fatal, literally fatal.
I mean, there's explosions and all sorts so, so fatal.
-I don't wanna be the "item ninja" any more
What is this? Oh god, I'm so tired.
I think I need a cup of tea.
I'll open this one because it's in front of me.
Woaaaah, this is a new generation Elite mini-computer.
Look at this little thing!
look how cool that is
looking at that!
It's like a tiny, powerful computer. Right we're gonna have to look at it in more detail.
Thanks, guys, for sending me this small computer.
-Oh, my God. Go and have a cup of tea.
*chuckles tiredly*
-You're like, exuding tiredness.
I'm so tired.
What did you just do?
-Slightly spilled some Pepsi on your carpet
Why did you spill Pepsi on my carpet??
-Didn't do it on purpose...
All right, I'm going to have to interrupt this box fest to tell you about my ongoing
sponsor, Squarespace, mobile websites in minutes done, SEO
optimized, done looking, the absolute nuts done.
If you are setting up a business such as a recycling company purely to deal
with the mass of cardboard in my office, then Squarespace is the place to go.
Drop over to to begin and get 10 percent
off your first purchase of a site or custom domain.
OK, how many more packages have we got?
-a lot
How many is a lot?
-about a hundred...
*laughs in dismay*
-I'm serious.
a hundred packages?
I'm not cut out for this
-no, you're not, are you
No. It is difficult
-Is it? What's that??
It's a wangler,
Woah, look at this.
This is a Gravis Firebird.
Look at that. It looks like a hawk
Look at all these controls!
-Did you order that?
-Well it was sent by Danny
Thank you Danny!
This is an excellent stick of joy.
It's got a thru-port for your keyboard and it connects to a joystick port.
So you can obviously map these
to keys.
-Are you going to set it up with Rise of the Robots?
I'm going to create a dedicated machine.
-oh my god
-an absolutely dedicated machine!?
-for Rise of the Robots, just in the corner.
-Constantly running
just constantly, constantly fighting.
This is packaged like it needs to survive some sort of war.
I can't get this out -Come on.
It's just GRRRRRR
*sings* "Macho Macho Man..."
Have you got somewhere to be?
"He's gotta be.."
"so macho"
Right, you open this, whilst you give me another parcel
Apart from what is this?
You can't just give me a massive tower
"he's gotta have..."
This is another parcel that was been packaged with plasters.
so this must be from the same chap as the last one.
a copy of Disk Keeper Undelete,
Got Nero Essentials, Microsoft, back office, small business server.
So much software. Thank you.
Oh, my God.
This is also for my Lynx video.
It's an Atari Lynx II!
This is more Lynx stuff for my Lynx video.
-Get it open!
-that was a nice oh it's your oh oh.
It's Rise of the Robots Resurrection!
Awwww, II, The Directors Edition!
This is such a rare game.
-So now you see why it was so well packed. Well yeah.
It needs to be well packaged, because it's so essential.
I've been after this for ages
This is the director's cut and it contains
loads of extra material
Look at this!
where's the CD... ahhh yes!
Two, CD's... ahhhhh
this is... Monumental.
This is an action max game called Sonic Fury,
which it's the best game for the action, Max, you can get because it's a plane
-that makes it good. Yeah.
I need to speed this up don't I? -I mean, you need to speed
-Could you double team it? Like
Sorry? It's an Intel Pentium processor.
-Is that something else you ordered?
-For what? A video about the Intel Pentium Processor.
This is a brand new switch game, called The Persistance.
Have you heard of this?
Can you survive the persistence? So PERSISTENT.
Fight to survive. -No! Get off!
STOP harassing me!
-It's just a game where you're just like, go away!
Someone agitating you constantly.
-Yeah, someone poking you with a stick
It does look like that.
-That would be amazing.
Explore, evade, gather resources and battle your way
into the depths to save a ship and make the jump home
-Is this sent by the publisher?
i believe so, yeah.
It vaguely rings a bell.
I think they sent it quite a while ago.
It looks like it's been set by an eBay seller.
-Did you buy it?
No, but maybe I bought something else and he sent me the wrong thing.
Whoever was supposed to get this
got like a mega console. They're like woaaah
Prototype, never released.
and I've got "The Persistence"
Oh, yes.
You do not mess with this.
You do not mess with
"The Video Challenger", -oh god
Better than the Action Max, almost.
-oh no.
Can you tell if I'm going to do a video on VHS game consoles?
-I mean,
look at this. It comes with TURTLES CHALLENGE!
-It doesn't mean....
LOOK. And SKYWAR look at that.
-Hang on a minute, let me just look at the Turtle...
-Is that official? Yes.
-That's officially licensed? My mate used to have this game literally.
Right. It plays a really terrible Turtles cartoon.
And then flashing pizzas fly towards your screen.
You have to shoot them. -Oh, my God.
and if you shoot the flashing pizzas you score some points
-I mean that sounds essential
It is.
it's just a gun that collects points. This was
-That's sh*t
-That is rubbish though, isn't it?
-I mean, that is rubbish.
Well, we'll find out
we're playing it. -Oh it's by Bandai
-it is rubbish tho.
It's like their version of the Action Max.
-Well why why did they look at the Action Max? And they're like, oh, we'll have some of that!
we're going to have some of that VHS gaming!
Yes please!
-oh we'll have a bit of that!
well, yeah
-It's some Candy Kittens
oh that's an eBay purchase I got.
and it happened to be from the Retro Bench
and I didn't realize when I bought it and he sent me loads of Candy Kittens,
which was nice
Ahhh, what we have in here.
So this is OK, if you can guess what this is, you get ten points.
-It's an item.
Oh, it IS an item
-Oh, you look cheeky there.
-Oh, you look like you just told someone that you like them.
Well, you will like me after this...
-he's in love...
-Umm, can I have a clue?
-It's got buttons.
It has got buttons.
You've made videos about it
-about it but I haven't got one?
Yeah. It... It's
-Is that the Spanish one?
Yeah, it is.
Yes, look at small it is! I thought it was much bigger than this.
So, yes,
this is something I bought. This is Streets of Rage 4
-Why haven't you played it?
me because, I mean, to make a video about it.
It's just, you know, I like getting boxes like this that say...
priority mail has been sitting around for like six months.
I think when people send stuff, they expect it to be sitting around
for a while because that's..... yeah, because I am me.
Oh... this is from Re-enthused!
This is from Johnny Blanchard.
He he said he sent me a video now interactive game system.
Look at this.
-I think he mentioned on what about on one of our streams, that he'd sent you something awful. It's got a Rugrats CD...
-Yeah. Wow. That looks terrible.
Johnny, you have surpassed yourself now. -Oh, God.
Oh, yes.
-Look at the state of that.
Look at it.
Look, at it. Imagine holding that. oh God.
So comfortable. -What really?
-and you think the Jaguar controller is nice??
Well, the Jaguar controller IS nice
This is just horrific to hold
Oh, whoa, whoa.
Chill out.
I was contacted on Sunday by this chap.
I'm a 90s gamer and these mini consoles are perfect way to play the old games.
My only gripe is they are all missing the cartridges.
So this guy has created. He's created magnets of the cartridges
and little mini versions of them. There's altered beast
of the SEGA cartridge.
Oh, no, I put the magnets on top of a floppy disk!
on top of Microsoft Windows NT Workstation set up disk three.
-Well, are you going to do so?
We're literally going to be setting up on disk three and be like....
-Yeah, exactly.
So this this is the problem.
I'm going to put these away from your floppy disks (steal).
But this is from Sega, I can guarantee you.
This is from Sega.
Because it says Sega there, because they always send in really fancy
12 months, 13 Sega franchises represented 56
characters and counting, probably a lot more by now.... What's the Sonic Adventure one?
LOOK. No look, who are they?
-Oh that's that lad.
Wolf man, Zombie blob, Gun woman,
Sega, who are these people? Who are these characters?
-Isn't that the guy from Shenue?
oh, yes.
Who's this? Wolfboy?
This looks like a melting Homer Simpson.
-Well, no, that looks like the Toxi from Toxic Avengers.
Don't think that that's not saying.
I don't know who that is.
-and then the lass with the gun.... No idea who that is.
They're good pins, as normal. Thank you Sega
-You're at ALDI, QUICK!
I wouldn't be sitting at the end
of the thing, would I? I wouldn't be like oh yes, here's my items....
Oh bloody hell. I ordered this ages ago.
My.. this is like.... This is like the first Google phone.
-You're going to make a video about it aren't you?
Yeah, well, I mean all of these ideas are going to be taken now.
Retro Man Cave will be on this. He'll be like AWWW, I'm gonna do some videos about that.
Awww, The Bitmap Bureau have sent me...
Xeno Crisis. Is this the Dreamcast version??
This is the Dreamcast Xeno Crisis! -Wow.
-So Xeno Crisis. They sent you that on Mega Drive.
Yeah on the last unboxing.
-Yeah and I stole it.
-along with the audio CD.
What, you stole the game? -Yeah.
You stole Stuart Ashens' copy. -Yeah I did.
-Yeah. We should probably keep that quiet then.
-Yeah, maybe.
Thank you Bitmap Bureau.
Looking forward to that.
Is there a note in there? I know what this is.
This is this I could have done with this
when I made my vinyl video the other day, because it is it is a vinyl of
pure spectrum games. -Hey buddy.
Good luck in trying to get it to load...
Seems a bit tricky.
If you wouldn't mind sending it back when done.
No rush.
I'm giving it to someone.
Not me! Lol.
-How long have you had this?
Not long.
Oh my God. Do you remember fluff-its pens?
Probably not.
These are from the eighties and they... -Right, well that will be why I don't remember them
Okay, I get it..
They allowed you to create your own designs on T-shirts
and it was all like it would dry and be like 3D and raised and bumpy.
So you'd have like a 3D T-shirt designed by yourself.
-What would happen when you put it in the wash?
Well it was fine, it survived.
I remember making a T-shirt.
it was utter sh*te. At the time I thought, I'm gonna make
a great T-shirt.
I made it and it was atrocious.
-What was it?
I can't remember.
It was just like a figure.
I think it was like Berk from Trap Door or something.
And it was it did not look like Berk from Trapdoor.
Hey there, Peter. I hope you are well.
And the contents of his parcel arrive intact.
I emailed you a week or so ago.
This is from August. It's not too bad.
In this box are two Commodore 64
game cartridges and two reissues of older RGCD games
I've recently been working on creating authentically 90s and 80s big box style
packaging to replace the universal game packages I've used in the past.
These retail on our web shop. for between thirty to forty pounds.
Can you give a shout out to my kids? Milly.
Jacob. Andrew.
Hello Milly. Hello Jacob.
Hello Rue. Well look at this!
look very proper like big box games.
as well...Grid Pix, Boxy Moxy
That looks good.
Oh this is Luft
How do you pronounce this? Luftrausers?
which is a game which is good on the PC and Super Bread Box.
Really nicely packaged.
even smells nice
look at this.
Look at this cartridge, look, look, look at that.
Look at that cartridge.
Look at it. awwww posters. Wow.
-You can put them in the background or...
-Put them on your cupboard...
Good stuff.
Oh, that's creepy that that was going on there.
Thank you, James. Good work.
Can you put those...
-I literally have no space...
There... on top of that pile.
Good lass.
-Don't call me a lass.
You are a lass. A good one too.
-Who's gonna get a slap?
She's such a good lass.
Super Rare Games have sent me.... oh this is..
Who used to he used to work at Numskull?
-That lad.
Yeah, but what's his name?
Well, we're going to edit this out.
Yeah, because otherwise we'll be like, what's his name?
And it's like, well, we should know his name because.
Because it's because his name is obviously Ryan Brown.
-Oh, yes. Yes.
Ryan Brown now works at Super Rare Games and he sent me
a package from Super Rare Games, including The Sexy Brutale, or Brutale
the Gardens in Between, which it looks like an amazing that looks amazing.
So Super Rare
Do you kind of limited run games, do you.
But differently, different games.
-Have you played Little Inferno?
No, I haven't.
-It's an absolutely wonderful game is really interesting.
How about 90% of the game you spend staring at a fire place.
-but it's pretty much kind of what I do in real life.
-You don't stare at a fireplace.
-You stare at a computer screen which has a screen saver fireplace.
What's the difference?
It's Christmas Day.
I'm just sitting in front of a computer just by myself.
-It's like, freezing cold just icicles there. You're there just like, oh so cold.
so festive!
But children are like Father, can we have the heat on?
No, no.
-I've put the fire on!
It's so warm, gather round.
OK, stop taking my heat. Go.
Oh, it's another box of.....
plaster tape.
oh oh, it's the manual for that sidewinder joystick.
-Oh. What are you trying to do.
Are you trying to take?
Are you trying to take all my stuff?
You gonna try and take my network cards?
Steal my ethernet cards?
-I just want to improve your access to the internet any kind of internet.
-By making sure you're just.... I can't even stare at my online fire video.
There's a load of cards here....
There's some sound cards... what is this?
This is a this is a Creative Labs PCI soundcard.
-Are you gonna do a video about that?
I'm gonna do a video about everything.
I might die first before I make videos
about everything I've got, but I will.
-You're just gonna be sat there staring at your fire TV
-with the Sidewinder just sat there...
After this, that's what I did for like a year now.
So warm.
-So so cosy
Police come in, they're like
excuse me sir
you need to come with us. It's like, no,
this is from Cronosoft. Who...
I believe we met the bloke who runs this company at Digitiser Live.
Hey, Peter, sorry.
It's taken an eternity to get around to contacting you properly.
No need to apologise to me!
I take far longer to open them. Great to meet you.
Digitiser Live. Yep.
Please find Enclosed a copy of Quadron
the latest Speccy release we've done this year.
Coded by Andrew Beal.
A programmer of spectrum games for soft tech and the edge around 83, 84.
Cronosoft started in 2002 with an Amiga
twelve hundred and now they create games like this packaged nicely.
Just how remember them. You can't beat a brand new Spectrum cassette.
Look, look at that with a label that is beautiful.
-Are you just going to have that as well in front of your computer?
-You've got your Sidewinder. You've got your fireplace.
-Just there with a cassette, going WOW, look at this.
Yes. -Literally for days on end
Simon, thank you.
Oh okay.
So this is a company who does similar stuff to Cronosoft.
This is Bitmap, Bitmapsoft and they have created a range of games,
including Dirty Dozer and of course, OCTUKITTY... It's your game. Literally your game.
-Oh, it's those guys!
Yeah. Have you seen it? I assume you've got a copy of this?
-No, I haven't. I think I think I don't is because
I had one of my mental breakdowns, and couldn't go onto it (social media) for about 3
months and I think they were trying to contact me through there and then sent it to you.
So this is a game about Octavius
-I mean, it's not like about me.
It is. It's exactly about her
-It's really a very very good game
Cousin Horace and Dirty Dozer.
Look at all the coloured tapes!
Look at them. Wow, I love it.
-See how we can do the next one!
SO SO FASTE, so this is making me go slower.
I'm actually going much slower than I was before.
This is Arcasm. Arcasm: the arca...... LOOK AT THAT CLEAR CARTRIDGE.
Genuine Home arcade coding action for one or two players
Ahhhh, me god.
Oh me god. You can code in assembler on the NES
and it's a clear cartridge, thank you.
I'll put as many details below as I can
Where'd that come from??
-The most terrifying thing I've ever seen. I'm guessing that you ordered this didn't you.
-Oh, that's my mine. No, that's mine.
Oh, yeah. It's got your name on the front.
Gimme. It's my Pokemon card -it's in my iteme pocket.
-No, I ordered that about four months ago.
You actually ordered it?
-You don't have an iteme pocket.
GOD That is terrifying.
-Pokemon cards (that's not in focus)
-Yeah. Yeah that is terrifying.
This is issue one of the crash dummies comic, which I had.
-If you want to do like an appeal, if anybody have any spare Pokemon cards
-they want to send to me
if anyone's got any spare Pokemon cards, send them to Octav1us
this is the Argos autumn winter 1993 catalogue.
-HOLY SHI.....
Could you be careful.
There's a microphone there!!!!
What are you doing.
Right I would spend days looking at these pages, looking at these floppy disk piles.
What was wrong with me?
I mean I can look at these disks, so floppy
disks, TV stands and you can't really see
Waoohhah, here's the page you want to look at.
-LOOK AT THAT. That thing is intense.
One hundred and nine pounds.
Ninety nine for Super Nintendo.
Or, look, Mega Drive
is more expensive.... Really?
-Is that,
-is that just the CD drive or
That's a Sega Mega CD -oh it comes with.
-Yeah it's it's two hundred sixty nine
-pounds but it's just the Sega CD.
Of course it is. It's a Mega CD
what else do you need?? Oh there's an electronics boutique software catalog?!
Oh my God.
I didn't see one of these for years
Right, we'll have to go through these properly at some point
Look at this. Well thank you.
To the sender of these.
That is awesome.
I think this is from I think this is from
TazfaeDodge, because I remember him saying, hey, do you want a swan light ashtray
like. Yeah, you're damn right I do!
because it's fundamentally 80s, isn't it? You always had like a swan light
ashtray in the pub and next to your box of Time floppy disks.
-Oh wow. I remember
and your GPS and and you always had that with a Powerball.
You can always count on Taz to just send..
"Cut your jibba jabba" just random... a box...
of pure randomness.
"shut up fool"
Thanks Taz!
is it recording?
-Yes it's recording (soulful)
do you remember last time we did an
unboxing and we got to Taz's stuff and the video cut out
so it's happened again.
We opened Taz's box, which is an amazing box, and we weren't recording.
These ones...
All these ones are fragile on are from Elliott, a.k.a. the Retro Future
Do you see it says "Fragile" on it, don't you? -Sorry.
Awwwwwww Elliott.
If you haven't if you don't watch the retro future,
then you should, because he goes into charity shops in Jersey
and gets stuff like this for me, which is the storage Moni-Tidy.
look, you can clip your documents to the side of the monitor.
You can, you've got a little shelf to put books and stuff.
-I'll be honest with you, I literally never seen anything.
-So essential in all of my life
Elliot has sent me a box of
stuff like a Kensington value mouse. -Wow.
-That's so value
-oh look Peter seriously. Look at the front of that box
It's a Sony Vaio
-Seriously, that was done by someone who's graphic design is their passion.
-Look at that.
I see it.
This is a box of random stuff. Thank you Elliot.
I'm going to go through this later because...
it's almost midnight.
Oh god, how many boxes more have we got?
home, stretch my azzzz.
This is LePow?
-What's that?
This has been sent to me by LePow, I guess, but it's a portable
USB-C monitor.
It's like a massive tablet. You get like this.
-Oh wow.
And you plug USB C into it.
Or.... HDMI and you can have it as another monitor for your laptop or use it with
a tablet or whatever, to have a bigger
gaming experience -That would be really good for the Switch.
-I mean, you can dock it
-and use a USB game pad.
Oh these are Royal Mail
video game stamps, which I bought, which I'm going to make
a video on extra channel about. I might need to stop for another cup of tea soon.
-Do you want me to make you one?
No it's alright....I've seen your cups of tea.
-Oh, here we go.
I'm not having you make me a cup.
It wouldn't be a cup of tea.
It would literally be water dipped with fragrance of tea.
This is a Video Challenger.
It's like a Questron pen.
-It's got a flap!
Yeah, it's got a flap!
It's like a Questron pen.
-It's so good as it's got a flap.
We're gonna talk about this another time,
It needs to be discussed in high levels of detail.
It's like a box.
This is essentially.
Anyway, this is a this is a cased ZX Spectrum
with printer and all the books and stuff. In like, this amazing case which has got
slots, it's got slots for all the spectrum and stuff.
It's all....
imagine imagine walking around with this. Just a massive case of spectrum gear.
I can't actually shut it. But.
sure this is another package from Taz. He has sent me Star Trek, The Next Generation
board game.
and Star Trek The Final Frontier, board game.
I think we should do like a stream
where we play board games and stuff, and Bex wants to do it as well.
Trista Bytes, as she's known on Twitch. This is another box containing
Horizon, TasWord Two, to tiny touch-And-Go. Make a Chip, and no note.
So I don't know who it's from but.....
thank you to the person who sent these.
It's a Firewheel,
which I bought for some reason, I'm not entirely sure why now.
What do you think of it?
It's got one hundred and sixty degree range of motion.
Seven feet of cable for "great reach".
A large suction cap.
It's got a V.R. resistance of 100 k/ohms.
hehe, it's got a switch....
Who puts shift switch lifetime on the back? 500000 times.
Buttons.....These are the selling points. Power consumption.
Less than 100 m/amps. Diameters(?)...
It's got the steering finish: abs plastic.
This is essential information.
It's for the IBM PC.
Are you seriously running out of space back there?
You look like you're scared to move now.
-I am scared to move!
Well, just don't
-I don't want to break your stuff
Just don't break anything.
-It was an accident
I know it was an accident!
-I didn't do it on purpose!
I know!
It's alright, I just need to buy a new £50 light. It's fine.
It's not a problem
You didn't knock the camera over.
But now I'm too scared to go near the camera
-Well just don't walk into the camera.
-Absolutely sh&tting myself.
Don't knock the camera over!
-Just genuinely terrifed. I mean there's so much stuff in here!
Look, look. Don't blame the stuff alright.
Awww, this is something else
this is something else.
Elliot got for me, I actually paid for this.
This is an Epson portable computer HX-20.
One of the first if probably the first laptop computer.
Oh god.
-What is it?
So, Elliot went to the auction house (-right) ages ago in Jersey and one of the auction
lots was a box ram packed full of spectrum games.
And I was like, yeah bid 50 quid or something.
And I've got a massive, massive box of spectrum games,
which is just filled to the brim with spectrum games.
-Oh, my God.
-Why do you do this to yourself?
It's an accident!
-You're gonna have like a million duplicates now aren't you?
-Are they all just literally the same game?
Again and again -Just like Chubby Gristle, just 200 copies
-You're like FIFTY POUNDS!
it's literally just him bidding against me just to make it go up.
No one else wants it.
He's just he's like ohhh, someone's bid 80! I'm like GO UP!
Sarah got some bad news.
Bad news during that last few minutes.
I've lost the scissors.
-Oh, don't tell me that. -Right I'm gonna call the police
Oh it's OK, I've got 'em!
-Oh thank god!
Ohhhh *sounds of relief*
You know when you've done a really intense workout?
and you're just like.... I-I mean, literally, It's like it's like
pass the parcel
Imagine if at a kid's party, this was the parcel.
and like, this kid.
there's a circle of kids crying their
eyes out. Children desperately trying to get to the parcel...
-Parents are like. Great, we've got a good 2 hours of peace.
-They're just there having drinks and biscuits.
-these kids are frantically trying to...
-Music keeps playing
They finally manage to get to the end
-Just like a packet of Love Hearts
-Yeahhh, haha, like
one of the fun size packs.
-Yeah. Hahaha
[Romantic French music plays]
*keys click* -oh, that's very good.
Madame, can I interest you in ze laptop?
-Is this you hitting on me?
You want to touch?
it has removable keyboard.
It's very seductive.
-This is just how you pick up women, like.
- you're there at the clubs on a Friday night.
I'm just walking into a bar with all these laptops.
-You're there in Vokda Revolution...
-just opened up an overcoat.
-all these laptops pile out...
I'm just sitting by the bar.
They're like, what the f*ck is wrong with this guy? I'm like, you like the keys?
-Literally. I'm the only person...
-who comes up and says, hello. I'm like, no, do not touch my items.
-Do not touch. Only look.
-Yeah, NO TOUC
Right, give me some more stuff.
-Well, let's do with this one, which is from Elliot as well...
-But it's got wonderful paper... Oh, Elliot, just go for it.
All right. OK.
Elliot has packaged this beautifully.
-You say, beautifully, then you're like....
It's beautiful.
-oh, so so pretty
he's taken such care.
I mean, this is I know what's in here.
This is a Commodore 64, so we'll just move on.
I just. It's look
how much there's no space for me to move about.
Handle with care, please, in transit.
Look, look, this is sent to me by
the person displayed on the screen right now.
It's Crossbows and Catapults.
Do you remember that game
Crossbows and Catapults is that game you played
on the floor and you have all these people, and have literal
-Takes a million years to setup?
And you have literally you have crossbows and catapults
so you have to knock the other person's fortress and people over.
That's awesome.
-What are you going to do with that?
I'm going to play Crossbows and Catapults with you.
We're playing Crossbows and Catapults.
How many more packages have we got?
-Like three?
Ok, let's go.
This was sent to me by BenQ. BENQ
this is this goes on top of your monitor, and it's like a reading light
we'll talk about this in an upcoming video.
This is this is the Evercade.
What are you doing?!
What's going on over there????! *frantic screams in background*
-Oh sh*t, I nearly lost my legs.
-It's fine.
-NO, NO NO, It's not! It's NOT FINE.
-It's not fine.
If that guitar gets knocked overwe're all in deep trouble.
This is the Evercade.
These are all the game cartridges for the Evercade.
We all know about this by now.
I haven't tried it yet.
I want to try it because
We've got the Data East Collection...
The Namco Collection, Atari collection, interplay collection.
I like the idea of having a new console with interchangeable cartridges.
So we're going to discuss this, You and me, and these people...
-There's a box of CD-ROMS
Where'd that come from?
Where's that from?
-Are you sure you don't wanna open this one?
We're going to get trapped in here.
-Right that's it then. We're not moving the massive box.
-It's not even that massive, but.... Can you move it without knocking anything over?
-I will try to move it....
Because last time you did it, I just saw half my office fall over.
Oh, OK.
OK, this is a Pre-Computer power pad and some games,
including Premiere Manager, T34 Tank and Schurman M4 Tank
Thank you.
To who sent me these.
And this is a big box.
I swear to God
this might be the last time you see me.
*struggle noises*
-Oh my god.
I'm dead.
- I can just see these seething mass of bubble wrap.
-Like literally...
-you're there
-Careful, careful, the camera, the camera!
*bubble wrap noises*
-oh my god.
*slight panic laughter*
*grunting noises of woe*
It's a Sony Vaio personal computer
model, PCVW1G
it's beautiful.
-You look like you're about to pass out.
I'm very pleased to have this and I thank the person who sent it to me.
Can't remember the name this time, but I'll put it here
to make it look like it's appeared on the screen
like wizardry. Is that it, are we done with unboxing?
-That is it, that is all of them,
OK. -Every single one.
One of the hundred million boxes I look
I like how no light is getting through to me anymore.
We've got the broken light supplying some light.
-Do not care anymore.
OK, look, just look.
Thank you to everyone who sent me things
and I'm sorry if I didn't know who it was or there wasn't a note.
If you do send me things in the future, please do try to include a note.
So I know, because it's hard to keep track of all
this stuff, especially after so much time, but thank you very much.
It's hugely appreciated and I'll see you soon.
Thanks for your help.
-I'm going to go home and stare at a computer screen.
I can't get to my home. I can't get out of this....
-OK, I'm done now. I'll take my pay and leave.
-Thank you.
-Shall I just send an invoice in the post?
-Actually you know what
-I'll get Stuart Ashen to deliver the invoice because you're never going home are you.
You're getting £50, docked for that light.
- I I'll take it and let my brother look at it.
I might. I'll see if I can do something with it.
You can't just break stuff and then take it. Can't be like, oh, that's broken...
I'll take that.
-I was going to get it fixed.
This CRT is broken, i smashed it.
I'll take it. You can't do that
to all the items in my office.
-That wasn't the plan.
-That was a pure accident.
Look, thanks, everyone.
I'll see you again soon.
-Yeah, it better be soon because we're not
-doing another unboxing of seven months worth of.
-And if you do that, I am genuinely going to call the police.
-Straight away, I'm going to be like, hello,
-and they'll be like... This is about Nostalgia Nerd again isn't it?
-Yes. And then I'll get blacklisted.
Can you call the ambulance for now though, please?
-I think you need the Fire Service.
-They can use that battering ram thing that they have to just get through.
They wouldn't do it, they'd just give up.
They'd be like oohhhh, it's too late.
Right, OK.