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This is a Soviet T34 battle tank
Well, okay...
admittedly it's now a decommissioned hunk of metal.
It was bought from the Czech army
after the collapse of the Soviet Union
used for some filming --
a Shakespeare play of all things --
and then bought by a local resident, here in Bermondsey
And it's been installed on this bit of waste ground
and painted ridiculous colors ever since.
But that's not what I'm actually here to talk about,
I'm here to talk about something a little more general.
Specifically something that makes every British tank
better than every other tank, and every other fighthing machine
in the world.
Now I realise that's a slightly Jeremy Clarkson-ish thing to say,
so let me explain:
British tanks all have something called a BV:
a boiling vessel.
Technically it's a CV or a cooking vessel now,
but what it is: it's a square thing,
about that big,
that you put water in
and you turn it on and it heats the water up's a kettle.
Basically, it is a kettle
and all British tanks and all British fighting machines
have one of these
and what it means,
is that British tank crews
can have tea whenever they like.
And to me,
never mind your caterpillar tracks
and your all-terrain
and your range finders
and your weaponry
never mind all that.
To me: the ability to have tea when ever you would like
makes the British tank
every other tank
in the world!
You can fight that one out in the comments.
Anyway, that is something you've might not have known.
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