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Last time I was outside this pub with Norm,
he taught me how to strangle someone.
And now, he is going to teach me how to break someone's neck. Norm, it's all yours.
Right, so the key to doing a stage fighting 'snapping of the neck' is --
much like the previous type --
is the person who's doing the snapping doesn't do anything.
-- Okay. -- So I'm going to snap your neck
-- Yep. -- You are in control.
And you do absolutely nothing?
Well, I'll do ever so... but I'm not actually going to snap your neck(!)
It goes without saying that if you do this with someone you don't trust implicitly to do stage fighting...
It's dangerous. Be careful.
Norm, what are you going to do?
First thing I'm going to do is put my hand on your chin.
And then adopt a "I'm going to snap your neck" pose.
And then I'm just going to slightly pressure your chin.
Not enough to cause your face to move
but so that you know my hand is there.
And when you're ready, snap your own neck.
Okay. What, just as far as I can go?
Yeah. And obviously, try and sell the "huaaah!"
Okay. And kind of a [choking] noise?
-- Yeah. -- Okay.
I'm over there...
I hope that looked good!
I don't know why I'm doing this. It doesn't hurt!
I'm instinctively going like this!
If it does hurt, I'm really sorry. It's not supposed to!
And that is how you break someone's neck on stage.
This is Norm, and that -- I haven't said this in ages! --
is something you might not have known.
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