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Dear Universe,
I'm a big fan of yours.
You're so fresh and real, and I love how you manage to be fascinating day in and day out!
I'm particularly impressed by your devotion to the laws of nature and how you stick to
them regardless of opinion polls of scientists or the public.
Of course, our goal in science is to find out how you work by careful observation.
But it doesn't matter at all if I believe in a theory or not - what matters is whether
you work that way.
A lot of popular ideas (like, "the earth is flat") turned out to be wrong, and a lot of
uncomfortable ideas (like quantum mechanics, evolution and plate tectonics) turned out
to be right.
But I don't need to tell you that, you know already - in fact, you set the rules.
It's a dictatorship, Universe: you decide how you work, and I get no vote!
I would complain, except that I DO get to decide where to stick my nose and which questions
to ask, and that's what makes science (and life) fun.
Plus, you're beautiful.
If you ever get this message, please let me know by encoding your response in the digits
of pi.
And thanks for being so incredible.
A collection of atoms known as Henry