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- Cooking with your parents.
- Not so bad.
- Not so bad?
- I mean, it's the only activity we've done.
- [laughing] Lifetime?
- Yeah.
Only thing holding this family together.
- That, I mean...
- What about you?
What do you guys do?
You guys like?
- Talk.
- Talk?
- Yeah, watch movies.
- Hugs and...
- We hug sometimes.
- Yeah.
[upbeat bongo music plays]
- Hey it's Carla and Molly.
We're here in the Bon Appetit test kitchen.
- And we are watching...
[both but not really together] Movies!
- And TV! - Clips!
- I'm so excited.
- Let's do it.
- Home cooking scene! - Home...
That's good. [giggles]
We nailed it.
- I love films and [stuttering] I didn't take,
I took one film class.
- I was panicking because I haven't seen
any of these films before.
- We've done this before.
- "Mrs. Doubtfire," Robin Williams.
- Classic.
- I used to love this movie.
- Really?
- Yeah.
[water boiling]
- Okay so first... - I know the book.
"Joy of Cooking."
- "Joy of Cooking."
- "Joy of Cooking," right ?
With the red string?
- I have that.
- Right?
- At my house.
- Were those black sesame seeds?
- No, it was oregano I think?
- I don't know why everything is on high.
[pans crashing in movie scene]
- [gasps]
That happens.
- You know that's just,
you should never,
she should be using a bigger pot.
It just seems like... - Rookie mistake.
- Yeah like I feel sympathy, but it seems like,
she kind of had it coming to her.
- This is one of the great movies of all time.
- Wait is that?
It looked like boiling polenta.
- Why would you boil that?
- What's happening in that pot, I've never seen happen.
- How are are the doing that?
How is there like a...
- They like stuff some hose up in
through the bottom of the thing.
- Also it's a pretty nice stove.
We haven't mentioned that.
This is like...
- This is like a restaurant quality stove.
- You now the directors were just like,
"I want more bubbles!"
- [Mrs. Doubtfire] Hey, hey hey, hey, my God it's clotted!
- Oh no. - Oh I forgot about this.
- No!
- This is classic.
- What an embarrassing movie.
Children don't do this at home.
- Stop, drop, and roll.
- Why the spatula, and not a stop, drop, and roll?
- That's never happened to me.
- Oh my God.
- It's not a terrible idea to grab the pot lids.
- Using the pot lids was actually kind of smart
because what you really want to do
is suffocate the oxygen, right?
- Right.
- Gonna have to order a new suit.
- I just think like, know your order of operations,
be organized when you're approaching the kitchen.
And make sure, if you are using a recipe,
to read the recipe and know the steps.
- Look at this!
My first day as a woman and I'm getting hot flashes.
- Oh, "Bridget Jones's Diary."
- I've never seen it.
- I love this movie. - I just love it's like
self-actualization you know,
sorry she's not even cooking yet.
Like self-actualization,
she lives near Spitalfields or whatever market, in London.
- Spitalfields?
- Yes, Spitalfields.
- Is that like a...
- It's like a market.
It's like a big market, right?
- All right she's at the night market.
- Power walking through the night market.
No totes.
- No tot, reusable bag please!
- This would never happen in 2020!
- Oh my god.
- I've got totes in my purse right now.
- Single use plastic?
Get out of here.
- Get the hell out of here.
[both groan]
- I just like, this is so classic...
- Oh man. reach for like the blue plastic string,
to tie up your leek bundle.
- I'm already calling bull shit on this.
- No one did their research.
- But also, is part of the thing
that she used like plastic twine to do this
and that's going to like...
- I don't know if that's the kind of nuance
that Bridget Jones's viewers were going to get.
- Oh okay, fair enough.
- Yeah, read the manual first.
- Also I think like when you're doing a pureed soup,
I would not use a food processor,
I would use a blender.
If you do it in a food processor,
it will just become stringy,
and it won't properly puree and become smooth in texture.
- Ah see, the twine.
It was the plastic twine.
- I stand corrected.
- I was about to say Pepto Bismol,
but that's not the color of Pepto Bismol.
But it has, yes, that would be the color.
- If Pepto Bismol was blue this was the color, yes.
- So like, maybe would bleed a little...
- No.
but that was like...
- [groans] Hollywood.
- The next clip that we are watching is
from "Johnny English," which is one
of my all-time favorite franchises.
- I have no idea, I have never even heard of this.
- Starring Rowan Atkinson.
- Oh my.
- I don't know this either.
- One of my favorite actors, ever.
- Who is this?
- Oh Bean!
I love him.
- Mr. Bean.
- Oh my god, a CD!
Children have you ever seen one of these?
- Old school.
- Wow look at that kitchen.
- That's nice kitchen, money.
- So clean.
- It's like one of those kitchens that's been styled
in a movie scene by like a prop stylist
who doesn't actually cook. - Definitely.
- Or like have a kitchen.
- I really like him.
- Oh the way's holding that is really...
- Oh my god.
- ...stressing me out.
That way he is holding it is like this,
you know imagine the knife is going like this,
[hums music rhythmically]
What you really want to do is...
- The claw.
- You wanna do the claw,
so that you go [rhythmically hums],
and then you have a natural stopping point.
- And he's air drying them.
- So much leek action in these.
- A lot, I know.
- This just Rowan Atkinson like flying vegetables around
like they're pom poms.
- Also like good leek cleaning technique,
but not enough time in the water.
- Okay, you think they're still like getting soot and stuff.
- I think there's still silt in there.
- I like how aggressive it's getting.
Now this is more the vibe, yeah.
- Intentional.
- It's not even about the food anymore.
- What's going on?
- I think he's making a braise.
- But everything is raw.
- Stew?
- He's making like some kind of braisy situation.
- Casse-- wow!
- Sharp knife.
- These are some really sharp knives.
- I feel like we need to get a carrot,
and we need to get a knife,
and we need to get to the bottom of this.
Okay, so this is not like my sharpest knife,
but just for like pedagogic purposes,
just to see, I guess yeah.
- Oh my God.
- I mean it works.
You can do it.
- Yay. [applause]
- Oh look there's hot water over there, the wine, oven.
- Okay, so many issues with that.
I don't even know where to begin.
- You know, I appreciate it, for the entertainment factor.
Not educational.
- Favorite show by the way, love.
- I don't watch this.
[drum roll]
- Once again we see the same goop
as featured in "Bridget Jones's Diary," "Mrs. Doubtfire."
- Yeah I wanna know what the food stylist's trick is
for like goop in pot.
That looks extra goopy.
- Look at his sweater.
- Look at his apron.
- His like big puffy sweater
with his tiny floral print apron.
- Oh my God, is this not your mother's recipe?
- So try to keep up.
Oh next step is to fold in the cheese.
- What does that mean?
What does fold in the cheese mean?
- You fold it in.
You fold it in.
- I actually think about that sometimes
because the word to fold, is so obvious to us
but what is, how do you fold cheese?
- Look at his face.
- I'm having a hard time getting past the sweater.
Can you imagine how hot and clammy it is in there?
- But like in this context, folding in the cheese
is also like not intuitive. - Just mixing.
But it's also like you probably could have just said,
"Mix in the cheese," and you'd be fine.
- Right you'd be like, add it a little bit at a time.
Folding, I feel like is specifically
for like delicate things.
- Can I show it?
- And there she goes.
- Here is the teachable moment.
- Here's what you do.
You just fold it in.
- Okay, I don't know how to fold broken cheese like that.
- And I don't know how to be any clearer.
- So when you add something you fold like this.
You go like a "J" like that,
and you turn the bowl like that.
It's exactly like a letter "J."
I learned that in culinary school.
- "Iron Monkey."
- All right.
- Cooking scene.
- Okay I'm already into this because they're using
the wok burners.
- The wok, yeah.
Wok burner, wok, wok spoon.
- He's focused.
He has his wok, he has his ladle
and he has his mise en place, too.
- Yes well that's when you cook when you have a wok,
everything has to be arranged.
- Exactly whenever you're doing a stir fry,
you have everything, it's high heat so
you want everything to be organized
and it happens really quickly.
- Is this sped up or is he just moving that fast?
- Whoa.
- No, that's impossible.
- Is he really doing that?
I mean, he's really doing it.
- He seems to be doing it.
- What was that?
- It looked like chicken?
- Maybe chicken?
- It looked, I mean it was like protein
that was cut up, it was sort of hard to tell.
We're going back.
[speaking in foreign language]
- That's a weird pick-up line.
- You think that this is a thing?
- That's kind of how I was reading it.
But it's weird being like, "Oh yeah my wife
"died a long time ago so I got really good at cooking."
- I feel like a lot of people use
their being a widow as a pick-up line.
- Really?
- Yes, I do.
- Really?
- Oh that's tight.
- [Together] Wow!
- This looks like it's actually happening.
- I think it was.
- What kind of noodle was that?
It looks more like a mochi cake.
- I guess it would be like a wide flat,
or like a rice cake situation.
- That was beyond epic.
- Yeah it's real.
I mean I'm sure some people can do those tricks,
I don't recommend doing that at home.
- I don't recommend them, but I don't know,
I'd like to practice.
- It would be interesting to see that in real...
No Andy, no.
[champagne pops]
- Oh we'll get married all right, I know we will.
And in church and with his family there and everything.
- Can we be lit more like this in the future please?
- Can we just look more like her though in the future?
- I hope you like chicken and saffron rice,
with chocolate sauce...
- Chicken.
Saffron rice.
With chocolate sauce?
Yeah I remember that well.
- It's an East Indian classic, my dear.
Three months ago I couldn't scramble eggs.
- East India doesn't have chocolate.
- Yeah what, chocolate sauce?
- There is no East Indian classic with chocolate.
Oh but this is a while ago,
they didn't know the difference between brown people.
She's probably just talking about mole.
[explosion in the movie scene]
[both gasp with explosion]
- Oh! - Mmm, yep.
- Again how did they rig it?
- But that's why people don't pressure cook...
- They're scared of that.
- Because that was their parent's generation.
- Has that ever happened?
- Not anymore, now that they're all built
with like a safety valve,
but yeah back in the day,
that's why my mom never pressure cooked
because that happened to her mother.
- I'm not much for chicken with sauce anyway.
- [Together] I'm not much for chicken with sauce?
- I'm not one for chicken and sauce anyway.
- What do you like, dry chicken?
Like I prefer my chicken unsauced.
Unblemished, unmarred by sauce.
- That's like 90 percent of my meals,
is chicken with sauce.
- Chicken with sauce is like a good friend of mine.
- I love this movie.
It's so...
- "The Lunchables?"
- "The Lunchbox."
[laughing off camera]
- More pressure content.
- Indian cooking, pressure cooking.
- Pressure cooking done right?
- Two great things that go great together.
- Is that what this is about, "Lunchbox?"
That's how my mom tastes everything
and I don't.
- Off her palm?
- My mom does it, it makes no sense like,
just a little dribble and then taste?
How do you taste anything like that?
I need a spoon.
I need a full mouthful.
- So strange.
Everything I've been tasting tastes like my hand.
- I normally would taste a food
with one of my digits, not the middle of my hand.
Just a different way to try food.
- It's a technique.
[speaking in a foreign language in movie]
- Imagine if you had a sense
of smell acute enough to know like...
- That it was ready.
But can't you tell when things change?
- Sure.
- She has some chapati going.
- Warm up the right way.
- So these are like tiffinwallas
which basically is like this whole system in India
where women cook lunch,
they give it to a tiffinwalla,
and the tiffinwalla takes it to an office.
- I think that someone did a study on it
because it's kind of crazy how they can keep track
of thousands of tiffins with no receipts,
no tags, no nothing.
It's like original Amazon Prime for lunch.
- Tiffin, love the tiffin.
Oh! Those green beans look...
- Those look delicious.
- ...saucy.
- What are those?
- I love rice.
- The greens.
- I love that.
- Me too.
- All stacked up.
- The bike just like loaded up with everybody's lunch.
- If he falls, it'll mess up so many people's afternoon.
- Imagine trying to do that but in New York.
- That was the most realistic actually.
Like her setup, and that the equipment that she was using.
- Yeah and none of the other ones
were realistic at all!
- I love it.
I could do this all day.
- I think I need to watch more movies.
[upbeat bongo music plays]
- [Amiel] Who was referring
to shredded cheese as broken cheese?
- Just like any cut vegetable, broken vegetable.
- Broken, it's broken.
We're gonna start by breaking an onion.
Break some garlic.
Break the chicken into large chunks.