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When you child maybe you happy always?
grass lovely sweets lovely lunchtime bong lovely and when you teenager
Maybe you not happy always, but happy much yes mmM
Maybe one day you sad well park and ice cream and lunchtime bong etc etc, then happy again
But as adults happy always
Mmm very not easy? Like one day
Maybe you sad ok well park and ice cream then happy again. Yes?
Job and tired and stress and bed and alarm at 6:30 tomorrow and your boss big cock juggler and your co-workers
Also cock jugglers and rent high, and no more lunch time bongs or chill. Happy sometimes,
but not happy always. So, how happy always?
Maybe if nice girlfriend or boyfriend.
Then you with nice girlfriend or boyfriend much parks and ice cream together and movies and saucy stuff
Now you happy always? Maybe? Mmm six months
and he hygiene not much or she bit shouty and now you just happy sometimes again.
Not happy always, so how happy always?
Maybe pancakes maybe more cowbell maybe mystery chemicals on Dark Web
Yes? No, still only happy sometimes. Maybe lots of magic paper?
Many hours at job, then better position
etc etc much respect but very tired very stressed even with lots of magic paper. So dream partner with
saucy stuff, much park, much ice cream, lunchtime bongs galore, lots of magic paper, still not happy always.
What now? Maybe babies? Only 20 years as parents much happy yes?
Definitely, not happy always, but fine. Then children
happy always then they teenagers then adults then they also only happy sometimes
Hmm. Much time. You very old now. No more job, you with grandchildren, and slippers and many biscuits
You healthy yes, everything easy yes, but still only happy sometimes. Aaayyy. How happy always?
Maybe never. Maybe this not for happy always. This, for clevers and food and babies lots
because evolution. Why?
Because if happy always your ancestors, no fire no house
No civilization, just but ba ba ba lovely wilderness today mm-hmm. Then dead. No technology
No, Einstein no Mia Khalifa. No lunch time bongs
Yes, and Ancestors who always happy not good at alive, so they dead before kinky stuff
so you not from those ancestors. YOU, from millions of other clever humans who happy sometimes but not always and
If humans only happy sometimes then humans good at advancement. One day human sad,
so maybe suddenly clothes maybe compass maybe engineering, maybe trade empires, maybe elaborate saucy stuff
Maybe Particle Colliders and sometime later, maybe maybe human galactic civilization
maybe new horizons in science, maybe lovely cuddly utopia etc etc.
And that thanks to human brain that sometimes,
but not always, happy. Humans half decent species. One day maybe all because evolution
occasional massive arse. So happy sometimes good
Yes, well, no.
But not bad. Happy sometimes okay. Earth
lovely, existence interesting, ice cream, hugs, parks, lunchtime bonds. Life alright. Life not so bad. Everything cool.
Maybe. Bye.