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I was going to talk about rendering but actually this is something I forgot to mention in the last video
You'd think that hyperbolic geometry is harder to understand than spherical because it's harder to visualize
And that's true, but when it comes to what you actually see, it's quite the opposite
In general hyperbolic geometry looks like a more
exaggerated euclidean geometry
You know because it's "hyperbolic". Things appear to get smaller faster more space fits into the same perceived space
But things seem overall familiar
But let's take a trip to spherical flatland
We'll just say that everything below the equator is underground and everything above is open space
So we can jump up and down and walk around
In fact, if we keep walking in either direction, we'll eventually come back to where we started
But what would you actually see?
Let's cast some rays from our perspective to see where they end up
Objects close by aren't really affected much and look like you'd expect
But an object on the other side
Well, look how many of our light rays hit this rock
this tiny object literally on the other side of the world
would look enormouIn the sky and appear upside down
Sort of like a giant magnifying lens
The result is a reverse perspective farther away objects can appear larger than closer ones
Also notice that all rays eventually hit the ground
There's no sky per se at least not when you can see without using fog or a draw distance
Alright, are you ready to go up one dimension higher?
We're going to switch to first person now, but all the same things. I just talked about in 2d apply to 3d
Should be pretty obvious now why I chose the title of this video
The reverse perspective is obvious far away things appear huge and flipped upside down
Take a look at this house. It's pretty normal up close
But now, let's go to the opposite side of the level
It's a pretty crazy effect it's kind of like the house is inside out
The roof is above us and the walls are around us but not in the way you'd expect
Also, if you walk in a straight line to the left or right
it looks like the world is rotating even though you're actually going straight
Here I added a fence to divide the level in half
It's a really neat effect, are you fenced in or fenced out?
Anyway, there's a lot of really cool things to explore in spherical geometry
and I still want to leave some things for you to discover When the game comes out
So be sure to add Hyperbolica to your steam wishlist
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and i'll see you all next time