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Have you ever gotten to the end
of your toothpaste tube and have
to squeeze and roll up the end
to get that last bit of product
out? Yes. I'm actually fastidious
about it.
Yeah. I had to do that this
It's terrible and you loose money.
I'm going to invite you to take
these two products in your hand
play around with them.
Whoa, what is this?
So this one comes down really
easily and this one gets stuck.
This one sticks, this one doesn't.
This one falls to the bottom so
I don't have to lose anything.
That's what I'm thinking.
One of the major global problems
is waste of product. And a key
reason why that happens is
product can get stuck in
containers and there's no way to
get this out.
The only way to get it out is
either wash this out or you have
to scrape it out which in many
cases consumers are unwilling to
do as well as in industrial
applications its very hard to do.
So there's a huge cost associated
with waste and dispensing. So
what LiquiGlide™ enables is
complete dispensing of the
product. That means you are not
wasting product, which typically
is around 5-20%. And because you
have completely removed the
product recycling becomes easier
so we believe that LiquiGlide™
can completely eliminate waste
and also provide a sustainable
solution for both consumer
packaging and a whole range of
industrial products.
LiquiGlide™ is a patented
slippery coating that was invented
in my group at MIT. It's really
a concept where we can design
the surface in a way that it can
be slippery to a whole range of
liquids. So imagine this to be
your substrate and then we
texture the substrate. So either
texture the given material
itself, or we can apply a process
that allows us to create a
textured solid. And then we
change the the surface chemistry
which is indicated here by the
red line, and then we fill this
with a liquid. And so the liquid
essentially is sort of trapped
in these features and more
importantly it also spreads on
top of the features. And now
this system is engineered such
that a product is essentially
hovering on top of your solid.
So there is no contact between
the product and the surface so
the product slides off very
easily because its sort of
gliding on this liquid layer.
Because of the flexibility that
the LiquiGlide™ platform offers
us, we can choose the
solid/liquid combination for the
coating to be such that they
are essentially food. So for
food-based applications our
coating can be food which is
edible and safe. And sometimes
we can make the coating entirely
of the ingredients that are
present in the food itself.
We have developed a basic
science-based algorithm that
allows us to choose the solid
and liquid combinations in a way
that it can provide lubricity to
the product. So it is incredible
how we can cater the solid/liquid
combinations of the coating to a
given product. And so our vision
really is to basically eleminate
waste. There should be no reason
why we should waste product
given LiquiGlide™. And also,
friction reduction which is
ubiquitous in many industries.