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4K Video ey?
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Akihabara, or Electric Town in Tokyo
is regarded as the spiritual center of Japanese pop culture.
With over 250 electronic shops of all shapes and sizes.
Whether you're looking to spend your pocket money on retro video games or sexually provocative figurines,
This is the place to do it.
We're going to spend the day in Akihabara and discover some of the top things to do in this
Hidden down a backstreet in Akihabara is the greatest shop in the world.
Err, second only to the build-a-bear workshop.
To walk into this shop is to travel back two or three decades, to a simpler time.
A time when handheld games consoles looked like bricks.
At Super Potato which is genuinely the name of the shop,
you could buy just about any video games console ever made.
Best of all, many of them look like they could have rolled off the assembly line last Tuesday.
Look at this, we've got loads of Nintendo's Super Famicoms.
Look at the condition!
It looks almost brand-new! ¥3,480.
Comes with one controller. Whole stack of them.
Before I had any console ever, this was the first thing I had. The Gameboy. It’s the same size as the
iPhone but, look at the thickness. That's amazing. Little bit discolored, not gonna
lie. And it's quite expensive. ¥8400. Expensive, expensive, yeah it's
pretty expensive. So depending on the condition of the Gameboy, the price is
quite different so this one has a little mark on it, apparently, so it’s ¥2000
cheaper. So, I quite want to get one. I spend so many hours on this in the back of the
car or when we’re going places, playing it. God bless the Gameboy.
Found “Golden Eye.” My first games console was Nintendo 64 and this was the first game
that I’d ever played, “Golden Eye.” I played “Golden Eye” earlier in this year for the
first time in like 15 years. It doesn't hold up. It just looks like a big blocky mess but
the memories still live on. I can't help but feel some of the magic thats been lost
by downloading video games just off the internet. These are made, these are so
cool. Like the VHS tapes, they're so perfectly wrapped and the artwork on the
box. The artwork is half the fun. What's your favorite game Natsuki?
Nostalgic, my time very hard, different, don’t clear. What year was
this game? Do you remember? Junior high school, game center
1990. As well as being able to spend your hard-earned credit
card on nostalgic childhood games consoles, you can even play retro arcade
video games upstairs in a dimly lit room. I won’t lie, most of these games are a
little bit before my time so I don't really know what they are. Do you remember these? Yeah, a high
school style. Gamers can purchase snacks and drinks in the small shop, and it was
not long before Natsuki settled down for a round of Street Fighter.
My favorite thing about Street Fighter was always the background. This is
supposed to be China, and I just love the people in the background doing the
washing, watching the fight and casually going on. That's what China looks like. Whilst
Akihabara is Japan's pop culture capital today, it got its nickname of “Electric
Town” after the Second World War when the area was well known for its black market,
where people could pick up cheap electronics. In particular, radios. As the
sixties and seventies rolled around, the district became filled with shops
selling TVs and records. And then in the 1980s came the arcade games. Despite
its new pop culture image, the neighborhood is still true to its roots
with an abundance of independent street vendors still selling electronic goods
to this day. Just about every manner of electronic item you'd ever want.
And once again, it's not long before something catches Natsuki’s eye.
Natsuki is err is going to buy some lights. Which? Where's the difference?
This one looks better. Cool. My room, illumination.
Your room, illumination? Bedroom? Shop? Window side. Ahh okay for the beauty salon
Natsuki owns a beauty salon. Oo white? Ah blue.
Shopping for lights is hungry business and whilst there's no shortage of
restaurants in Akihabara, why not try something a little bit unique
while you're here? “Yarou Ramen” is a popular ramen joint just off another back
street in Akihabara, famous for their ludicrous portions that resemble
mountains with bowls overflowing with over a kilogram of food.
Natsuke and I decided to challenge each other to see who could finish the bowl
the fastest. A challenge so large we dedicated an entire separate video to it,
which you can find in the description box below.
Just make sure you make it to the end of the video where you can witness Natsuki’s
questionably good magic show. And even if you don't want your stomach
devastated by monster ramen, they do sell normal human sized portions of ramen as
well. It is definitely worth checking out.
It wouldn't be a trip to Akihabara without seeing the meticulously crafted
figurines. And Kotobukiya is the closest thing to geek heaven with five floors
crammed with everything from Star Wars and Marvel merchandise to anime and
manga characters. And when it comes to figurines, our friend Shiori, who’s secretly
been hiding behind the camera until now, is a huge fan. You don’t like figurines?
No. It’s so creepy. Creepy? It's just like real Japanese..I’ve never seen such women with those
huge boobs..Look at that! Do you like them? Err not really my thing.
Nice quality. Yeah, I do appreciate the craftsmanship. The craftsmanship is pretty awesome.
You don't want one for your birthday? Haha noo. How much? About ¥10,000! Wow. No thank you~But then again,
You're not really the target market are you? You’re not really the customer.
Natsuki’s the target market. You want to buy? Umm no.
Oh my god. Apparently, 86 stormtroopers cost ¥645,000.
What’s that? $6,500? Oh my god.
$6,500 for 86 storm troopers. You should buy all the
figurines. Put them around your beauty salon.
Yeah well, I do like star wars.
I’m not like super super fan but I do really like it.
What character do you want? Him, this is Darth Sidious, the Emperor. He's a
really nice man. Sitting man. He's a sitting man. That’s what he does. He’s the Emperor so
he just sits, doesn’t he? I must admit, I prefer the original
standard lightsaber, not a fan of that. Heavy? It is quite heavy. Ohh I could probably
kill you with this, I said that quite casually but there you go. Oh nice sound! Good sound.
If you want to leave Akihabara with some kind of figurine but don’t have $50 to spend, for
about $5, there's a much cheaper alternative just around the
Gachapon are capsule toys that you can buy from vending machines throughout the
country. And whilst the concept can be found in countries around the world, in
Japan, the toys are typically much higher quality modeled with greater detail and
slightly pricier. Such is their quality that I've met numorous foreigners living
in Japan who export them to collectors around the world for a tiny profit. By
Akihabara, you can find entire stores stuffed with hundreds of Gachapon
vending machines. Under 18. So Shiori is
going to buy one now and it's not for underage teens.
I didn’t choose this one. Right, Natsuki chose it. I might actually have to blow this out. She's good okay. You
want this one. Oh it's hard to turn, okay I got it.
I think, I think I got what I want! Ohhh it’s err thing. It’s a woman who’s sleeping.
Sleeping type on the bed.
Sexy sleeping type. Am I going to have to blow it out? Yeah, where’s her head? She’s legs up. She’s what?
Leg is up. Yaayyy. Finished making it. Nice color, purple.
Yes nice hair color. Comes with a mat? Oh my god. Yeah, she’s happy now lying down on
her mat. Relax woman. *Singing* Is that a song? Have you just made that up? *Resumes singing*
Duran Duran! No, it’s not Duran Duran, it’s Frankie Goes to Hollywood!
So, that was five things to do in Akihabara. If there's somewhere in
Akihabara you want to visit or you recommend, let us know in the comments
section below but for now guys. We hope you've enjoyed this program. In next
week's show, “Is this the end for Mario? Can Nintendo survive fierce competition from
Sega in the coming decade? We don't think so. We'll also be looking at why Apple
computers have been going from strength to strength since the departure of
erratic founder Steven Jobs who has gone on to squander his wealth on Pixar
computers, the company based in the southern Cisco Bay area.